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[SYD] Where are the best mechanics?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jetz427, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Can anyone give good recommendations through experience on where I could get my bike serviced regularly?

    Where is the best place in terms of price, thoroughness, reliability, consistency?

    I recently got my bike serviced at Aitkens Kawasaki in Liverpool, and they did a fairly good job. They said that i needed a top-end build (or something) considering my bike is a 1988 GPX 250 R-II (with only 18 000kms) on the clock. Where can i get this done?

    Any comments/recommendations/opinions would be much appreciated.
  2. what part of Sydney you from?
    because i would sugest someone not to far from you, you dont wantot be trecking it around.
  3. Cheaper to buy a new bike/engine than rebuild a GPX top end
    unless u beening running it with no oil, i bet u dont need one
  4. is it blowing a shit load of smoke, leaking oil and loosing compression? if no then i think you'll be right.
    i swear by sydney city lane cove, but i havent got them to do anything other than a blueslip in the past 18 months cause i do everything myself
  5. Address: 1/245 railway pde, Cabramatta
    Mobile: 0434 618 207

    he's a good friend of mine


    you'll see how dedicated he is with his bikes and ones that he has done up.
    take a look in the shop. and yes he knows his stuff bcoz wen i saw him witout him even tellin him self to inspect my bike he said my bike's rims was put on backwards so he quickly changed it for me concerning about my safety.

    their good blokes.. if u got car problems n stuff head up there if you're close by. their friendly :)
  6. well i live in granville (near parramatta) But i wouldnt mind head as east as the city, as west as blacktown, as south as hurstville or as north as epping

    apparently it IS blowing smoke, but not that much, i don't think it's leaking any oil... and um how do you know if it is loosing compressions?
  7. you're better off going to cabbra's one bcoz its just straight down from where you are instead of going 40min through humes highway to the city.

    i'll vouch for MOTOCT.

    just drop in and ask him what u want done and he also does tuning also. but give him a call. if its physical rebuild or similar i'd say let a professional do it.

    tell him description of you're bike
    what is wrong
    how it happened
    how long ago.
    etc. or bring it to the shop when he's available.*

    *call first*

    (he doesnt stop working, even if there'a hot chick walking pass the front gate)

    *edit* - added map

  8. yeah i know danny, he is a good bloke, always willing to give advice. his custom work is cover page worthy, nothing gets over looked.

    siwanut, you dont by any chance go to new south, that CBR looks rather familiar.

  9. new south? .. sorry i dnt understand. but if you are refering "do i go to new southwales.." then .. yeh i live in NSW. Glebe. i usualy ride around city alot to the gym and sometimes up humes to cabra to hang out at the grease monkey's cave :) *danny's* lol

    *bike has

    Red rim stripes
    Yoshi carbon fibre pipe.
  10. mmt motorcycles
    first avenue in the industrial estate as u exit granvil station(brothel side). There workshop is at the end of the avenue.
  11. na i meant UNSW. are you a mate of pauls too?

    PS just to clarify, paul as in ronald macdonnald
  12. nup i dnt go UNSW


    thats me.
  13. yeh i go to unsw
    I park near the ASB Building

    (i ride a black GPX as i said earlier)