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SYD - Wednesday 10th Feb - Rouse Hill-Putty Road and back

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by papermate, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Morning.... I will be selling my bike after this run, so i'm going to make it a good one. The weather looks like it will shine on Wednesday so it should be good!

    Leave Rouse Hill about 10am, up the Putty Road. Cigarette and coffee in the hunter then back. Maybe by F3 if i get lazy and tired.

    Pace will be quick, but as always within the speed limit 8-[ - anyone welcome.

    post here if you would like to come.

  3. Would love to tag along, but 1) am bikeless, and 2) gotta work.

    Have a good one!

    Are any of you 44 ****ers who read this thread coming with me or not?>!
  5. Nope, but what's the bike?

    Maybe you two need some alone time to say goodbye anyways.
  6. man,if you werent going so far, i would be coming with you. Im only planning a shorter one for tomoro, kiama or so. I intend to do putty some time in the next 7 days if you still have your bike then.
  7. no probs. want to work on my lines and cornering and anywhere else the pace will be hindering. putty is good for. hope you have a good one, ill let you know if i go again. bike will prob take a while to sell i assume....
  8. I've got the day off tomorrow, and just finished scrubbing a new front tire in on the Old Pacific today :)

    might see you there, where in Rouse Hill?
    which bike are you riding/selling? the little RS might slow you down
  9. rouse hill macca's mate. planing to be there at 10am.