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[SYD] Wanted: Fairing repairs - new to town... who to call ?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by el B, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    My ZZR-250 got damaged while being trucked to Sydney a few days ago. I need to get some quotes to make a claim to the transport company, but being new to Sydney I don't know who does a good job.

    The damage is a solid whack to my front left fairing, so the transport company will pay for that to get fixed / replaced. If the price is right and the job is good I might shell out from my own pocket to tidy up some other scrapes as well.

    Any suggestions very welcome, I'm in Marrickville.

    sorry , had to do it .
    contact your nearest M/C shop and they will be able to give you a name .
    thats the easiest way
  3. call graham at clubmans :
    376 Princes Hwy St Peters 2044
    (02) 9519 9991

    top guy - i'm sure he'll be able to recommend somewhere.
  4. Groberts - I didn't yet know you, but I knew you were out there when I typed that line! :p

    Josh - thanks for the heads up :) I just gave them a call and a bloke named Phil was very helpful, so I'll take it by there on Sat so they can check it out and give me a recommendation... nice !