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[syd] Visit Sanzy in Hospital 05/07/05

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by flashfire, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Tomorrow night, Tues 5th July 2005, I will be leaving from the CBD to visit Sanzy at Liverpool hospital.

    If anyone is interested in joining me from the city, or meeting me along the way or even at the hospital please let me know. I have yet to decide on departure time - will wait to see if there is any interest first.

  2. depending on the meeting time i might be able to make it :)
  3. scrap that - i can't make it (though i'm locked in for coffee next week) :)
  4. Can't make tuesday. Got an application release tuesday night. One of those things where if it all goes well, be home usual time (but that rarely happens), otherwise who knows.

    Me and Lana visited Sanzy on Sunday. He's doing well, cheerful as always. Think he's more worried about the bike than himself :)
  5. Visited le Sanz today afternoon, he's in good spririts but quite knocked around. He has at least three major injuries to his right leg, and the doctors are saying he'll be in hospital for at least another two weeks! He'll appreciate your visit, Flash, and anyone else who can make it.
  6. Please give Sanzy fast healing wishes from everyone at Netrider.
  7. Wishes are gr8 but please throw money or does this only apply to Melb riders? I'll kick it off as soon as some bugger puts my pay into my account!

    How about a reference or will sanzy do it?
  8. A reference to what ?

    Just tell me what to do and i will try. :p

    I hate it when doctors see you early in the morning it can put you in a shit mood all day.

    At least till visitors come and say hello. :D
  9. Heya Sanzy! I too was confused as to what BondGirl meant...

    You up for visitors tonight then? Was wondering if you need any books to read. If you're into fantasy or science fiction let me know, cos I have series upon series of the stuff, and would be happy to lend you a few to keep you entertained.
  10. Meeting at the Quix cnr Hume Hwy (Liverpool Rd) and Victoria St in Ashfield, 6.45pm. To find the Quix, turn into Liverpool Rd from Parramatta Rd; it's a little ways up on the LHS.
  11. Hi Flashfire,

    I have just about every thing i need except a working leg at the moment.

    I would love some visitors. Unfortunatly i can not offer much in the way of coffee for you die hard netriders :p

    Arh well keep safe and ride hard.
  12. Sanzy was covered by workers comp for the accident (on the way from work to home). So time off work is paid for.

    Plus the other at fault vehicle's insurance is covering damage to bike & gear + greenslip should cover any hospital bills.

    So financially Sanzy ain't going to be any worse off, unless those insurance buggers try some fast one. (correct me if I'm wrong Sanzy)
  13. Nup you pritty much got it covered.

    Except i believe workerscomp cover all wages and hospital then they will deal with CTP for money back.

    I think if i want to try for compensation for the problems this will cause me in the future i will then need to claim against CTP for that.