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[Syd]Vietnam Veterans MC and Karen Brown fundraiser, Sat 8th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Jaqhama, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. The Vietnam Veterans M/C have organised a fundraiser for Karen Bown, the security operative who shot and killed the guy who attacked her with a pair of knuckledusters and then robbed her of the money she was carrying undercover for a client.

    The justice system in this country is ludicrious, she shoots dead a criminal who could have crushed her skull in and now she's on trail for murder.

    The moral of the story in my opinion is,that if you don't want to get shot dead, don't go around smashing people in the face with brass knuckles and robbing them.
    More power to Karen I say.

    The fundraiser details are below, as is the website.


    Karen Brown is the security guard who was involved in the fatal shooting of William Aquilina in an attempted armed robbery at Moorebank Tavern on the 26th July 2004 in which Karen was viciously assaulted with home made knuckle dusters.

    Karen is now going on trial on a Murder charge on the 24th July 2006 in the Supreme Court set down for a period of 3 weeks.

    Karen has been refused legal aid. Karen’s TV Interview payment which was to be used on legal costs was taken by the D.P.P. under proceeds of crime, she has been refused access to this fund denying her the ability to a 1st class legal defence to a very serious charge of murder. The D.P.P. has unlimited resources all we are asking for is a fair go.

    Karen and her family have lived and grown up in the Mt Druitt and surrounding areas. Karen joined netball and little athletics at the age of 8. Karen and her family have played Netball in the Mt Druitt area for the pass 35years.Also involved with rugby league and helping the youth in this area.

    Karen and her partner George Muratore are finding life and the legal system a real burden. George has a dislocated shoulder which needs surgery, he is unable to take time of work because of financial difficulties. This fund raiser is being organized by the Vietnam Veterans MC which Karen and George have shown their support at every Dawn Service and charity events for many years. Help by showing your support on this day.

    A Bus will be running from Penrith station to Fund Raiser every two hours.
  2. Re: [Syd]Vietnam Veterans MC and Karen Brown fundraiser, Sat

    If she wasn't up for trial, then the justice system would be ludicrous. The justice system is trial, anything else is judge, jury, and executioner.
  3. If a copper had done this, as happened last week, then there wouldn't even be a trial mate.

    There would just be a debate about weather or not the person in question would be required to stand trail.

    You won't see the copper who did almost the same thing to the two people who attacked him last week going to trial, there will just be a police inquiry and they'll call him a hero!

    Karen is not on trial as in an investigative conclusion...they have charged her with murder.

    That's bullshite!
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  5. You're worth more money Groberts.

    Cheers mate.