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Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Mario Mendoza, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Up for sale is my 2000 VFR800 with 20,500kms. (low for this model)

    I'm "sidegrading" to a cruiser.

    It's got Micron high mount carbon fibre slip-on. (not super loud, just nice)

    Comes with Zero gravity d-bubble and sport touring screens plus original, all in top cond.

    A ventura rack with both bags is also included. The bags are like new as they've hardly been used. (I take the car if it looks like rain)

    Polished wheels

    A set of genmar bar risers have also been fitted.

    All original gear is included, muffler, pillion grab rails etc.

    Recently had Mick Dyer carry out major service. Over $600 worth with receipts, ( balance throttle bodies, filter etc....

    Welcome to inspect. I'm in the Lower Blue Mountains.

    Asking $7390.00

    This is definitely a fine example and would suit a fussy buyer.


    Any Q's or other images required, pls contact me on 0408 167 351

  2. 20500Km for this bike is just runnng the engine in. The VFR's are a great bike. Someone is going to pick a steal. Good Luck with the sale
  3. nice looking bike :)
  4. Lol @ sidegrading. Good price for a great bike. Mine had 85,000 when i crashed it.... never a spanner on it and still going like it was straight from the factory. If you want a good touring bike, with plenty of grunt, but at the same time a bike that can be thrown in to the corners when need be, this is the bike to get. :) (the fact it was a VFR had nothing to do with my accident lol.... was a silly tourist not watching where he was going)

    Good luck with the sale.
  5. Thanks for the kind words all.
    Yeah, it's a top bike alright. Photos don't really do it justice IMO.
    I'm pretty fussy with my things and it's been well cared for.
    The colour casting on the image kinda makes the paint colour look a bit odd. (not sure whats going on there) but it's always garaged or under a bike cover at work, so the paint is excellent.

    Oops, forgot to mention, rego till Jan 2010.
  6. I'm looking for a lower km VFR than Pepito MK1 ('96 with 85K) so I'd definately be interested if you were in Melbourne.

    Duco condition wouldn't bother me as whatever I buy gets an immediate new paint job obviously :)

    Good luck with the sale. :beer:

  7. Don't fancy a one day holiday in lovely downtown Sydney? Haha, nah, don't blame you. :cool:
  8. To give you an idea, can have the bike (albeit the bike only, nothing which is non-attached) from Newcastle to Melbourne for round $300.

    Given what it'd cost in fuel and accommodation, probably actually cheaper to get it shipped. Just for the record anyways, I got a few quotes done a while back, I assume Sydney would be the same, or even cheaper as it's a larger city than Newcastle.

    Nice clean bike there mate, first one i've seen which I have genuinely been appealed by!
  9. Price drop... $6900...... C'mon, it's starting to look like a bargain!
  10. still for sale!!?? ooh man if i didnt have to buy a car!
    hot bike!
  11. aaah mario, if money wasn't a concern I'd snap it up. Never hear anything but good things about VFR's.
  12. Wrong state and colour D= I am in the market for a VFR but I just can't have a red bike.. I can't stand them =/
    Good luck with the sale though and let me know if it magically changes to a yellow/gunmetal/white =P
  13. Gooooooone, She's sold folks...
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