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[SYD] Very late notice! Syd to Gosford

Discussion in 'NSW' started by thedragonreborn, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Hey Peps,

    In prep for next weeks ride to Newcastle to meet the NR's up there, I am doing a bit of scoping tomorrow. I am planning to ride to Gosford via the Old Road.

    When getting there, I am probably going to hit up a bit of lunch and maybe a swim (if anything like today, hell yeah).

    Its shouldn't be a too tiresome day, so L's, P's welcome (I am a P plater BTW)!

    EDIT: SUNDAY 7th Jan

    Meet points:

    EDIT: Other ride is leaving from old points, so new meet point is.....
    City/South Peps: Action MC on Wentworth Street, City. (near MCA) at roughly 10am, for a 10.15am departure.

    I have a Blue Kwaka Balius (Naked Bike). I will probably sitting by my self... :roll:

    Others: Road Warriors at approximately 12pm.

    I have no idea on how long it takes to get from RW's to Gosford, does anyone know?

    My Mob is 0410857816, if your keen, send us a text or catch ya on the road!


    PS: Does anyone know MudMonkeys phone number? He's a central coast bogin..... I think. :shock: :roll:
  2. There is another ride leaving from the same departure point tomorrow.

    Thought i'd let you know.
    So people going, don't get confused if you see two bike groups.
  3. Some off you still riding up to the Newcastle meet on Sunday afternoon ? Any plans to meet up with anyone from the central coast ? Trying to arrange to get to this one, and would be interested in tagging along.


  4. So how did your recon mission go on sunday thedragonreborn? Still in for this sundays Newcastle coffee meet if theres and on from sydney or central coast etc that wanna come but have yet to hook up with any one else there may eb a few of us who will come meet ya half way or similar and ride into newcastle with you , just let me know!!! :grin:
  5. If you guys change it to a Sat afternoon i know some dudes here keen on going ! . . . . I know its not a novacastrian thing, but sunday is too close to working monday. . . . . either that or i'm just a woooos ! :p
  6. hey noobs,

    sorry been drinking and watching the 20/20! I won't be able to make the meet on Sunday now! But I am up that way on Sat! if anyone wants to catch up on Sat call us! 0410857816

  7. thedragon......the ride from road warriors to Gosford takes about 25mins max, i reckon thats the best part of the old road, but you might want to go a little further past Gosford and head into Terrigal, nice beach, with plenty of parking for bikes and great food....plus the scenery is rather nice on a hot day too :wink: