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SYD- Unless they tow the bike - would this work?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, May 29, 2007.

  1. Us Sydney riders are at a mild disadvantage to you Melbourne people - we can't park on foot-paths, we're meant to pay all tolls, Iemma's a bit of a loser, and every bloody council in the state is putting in parking ticket machines AND EVEN WORSE :arrow: parking ticket officers :(

    ... bicycles don't get tickets & can park wherever. This is BS.

    I don't think any of us would have a REAL problem paying a reduced cost parking rate/toll etc - as motorcycles take up less space, and impact less on traffic & the environment: but various departments refuse to make the necessary amendments to allow us to do this.
    Instead we are expected to pay the full rate of a 1.* tonne, 4 wheeled vehicle.

    I object to this.

    So: how are tickets issued?

    A ticket is issued on the spot: it is placed on your motorcycle/car. The date, time, location and your registration plate is recorded on there and a carbon copy stays with the parking officer for filing and follow-up enforcement: ie. you no paya da fine, we takea ya license.

    Now, my brain in possession of an idea but not ALL related facts, postulates that if you removed your registration plate from your motorcycle after it is parked, along with your rego label, and your VIN/CHassis number was removed/obscured/covered [perhaps a locking plate]: should you choose to ignore the fine placed upon your vehicle: they lack a way to 'trace' you and make it stick ^_^

    But, this begs some questions:

    1) It is, of course, illegal to ride a motorcycle without visible rego label & plate - is it legal/illegal for a parked motorcycle not to have these items displayed?

    2) Under what circumstances may a vehicle be towed?
    I believe it relates in part to where it is parked: ie. can not be towed from private property?
    If they're just going to take the bike, obviously this plan fails miserably.

    3) What would a parking officer do when they find your bike? Issue a ticket knowing it can't be enforced and just hope you pay it?
    Or might they wait around for you... they probably can't legally detain you, so I know I'd tell them to rack off: but if you have to put your plate back on before you ride away, might they ping you then?
    - and presuming you just ride around the corner first to put your plate back on: would they instead call the police to come and book you for riding without a plate if you don't put it on in the carpark?

    Anything else I should be considering but haven't thought of?

    / Ktulu!: advocating civil disobedience for the sake of common sense

    ... a little bit.
  2. Move to Melbourne. Cheaper, nicer, bike friendly ;)
  3. I wouldn't be able to stand the rigid penalties and cameras, Loz.
    If I move to Melbourne, it'll be with a balaclava and a can of spray-paint in my bag...
  4. That's such a good idea! :grin: I'm dreading heading back to sydney. Might just store the bike at the olds in the blueys, and ride from there only... Should probably get myseld a multistrada or a super motard for the crap roads :cry:
  5. 90% of the cameras point the wrong way to catch bikes :grin:
  6. Re: Unless they tow the bike - would this work?

    Well hang on to it, it's liable to be lonely... :cry: :p
  7. Re: Unless they tow the bike - would this work?

    Well, they couldn't exactly wait around all day waiting for you or a tow truck, and by the time the rozzers show, you'd be long gone.
  8. In Melbourne they were talking about introducing a law that said bikes had to park in marked spaces.

    So there was a day when huge numbers of riders came into town early, parked in all the spaces, and made it impossible to get an on the street park for any drivers.

    It only works if you have LOTS of bikes doing it at once...

    Now that was a great act of civil disobedience.
    And we here in Melbourne can park on the footpath.
  9. Re: Unless they tow the bike - would this work?

    haha Inci ;)

    Didn't your mother ever tell you "If you can't say anything that contributes to a moralistic breakdown of institutionalised law & government control, don't say anything at all." ???

  10. Some councils here in Melbourne don't issue tickets on the spot.
    You get a nasty surprise in the mail!
  11. Re: Unless they tow the bike - would this work?

    Yeah, but institutionalized law & government control got me a great job that paid me to blow the shit out of stuff with bombs, rockets, and chain-guns. A gab-fest on how to mildly irritate bureaucrats just doesn't seem the same somehow. Now when you get to the bit where we embrace total anarchy and cluster bomb the council chambers, well yeah, I'll be in it...
  12. I wanna do this in Sydney... and I don't even work in the CBD.

    I think they need to recognise the difference it will make if they force bikes to pay for parking spots.

    ...Stupid Beaurocrats.
  13. Chain the bike to a post - and lock a bike cover over it. Of course they might just hang around until you get back. :roll:

    My understanding is that Sydney is reviewing motorcycle parking at present too.

    I would have though napalm would be somehow more fitting than cluster bombs. It burns the evidence. :twisted:
  14. You cannot stand a vehicle on a road or road related area unless it has a registration plate visible and attached. If I recall correctly the plate must be visible and readable from 5m away at a 30deg angle both sides.

    Police can call a rostered tow, which is a towing contractor who does towing on behalf of the Police, and have the bike towed to the towies holding yard on an owner to pay basis, so you may well avoid the parking fine, but you might get a fine for not display plate, Label, and cop the towing storage costs, and the towing cost for owner to pay in the CBD last time I spoke to the contractor was $204.60
  15. So we're better off swapping our number plates for fake ones when we leave it parked then?
  16. No, because you are then committing the offence of "Plates Calculated To Deceive" which will see you in Court rather than just a ticket.
    It's also illegal in NSW to park an unregistered vehicle on a public street and the council can remove the vehicle if it has been unregistered for a certain period of time.
    Either way - you're stuffed.
  17. +1
  18. Well there's your solution right there. Just take the plates and the engine with you everytime you park and you'll be fine :LOL:.
  19. theres your answer. the parking officer takes someone elses plate number down, it connects to their address, and they get the fine, not you!

    but your screwed if a cop checks your rego, or u do it too much so they recognise your rego as the dodgy one... then again the chances of a cop doing a rego check un a parked, unattended bike, which is doing nothing out of the ordinary, is highly unlikely.

    itd happen to me though :(
  20. How about the owner of said plate coming back to their bike while you are taking their plate off?

    I know what you would be shitting for the next few days...........your teeth!