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[syd] two new speed cameras on my way to uni

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Netterhead1, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. maybe im just unlucky but in the lasttwoweeks two new speed cameras(not yet operational) have been put up on my route to uni from ryde to kensington.

    on victoria road in front of holy cross citybound.

    on cleveland street in between the eastern distributor and anzac pde. SCHOOL ZONE!


  2. Some red light cameras are also being turned into speed cameras. There is one on the corner of Woodville Rd and Guildford Rd Guildford.
  3. yeah i've noticed the big flashing signs on the cleveland st one saying "speed camera - coming soon"

  4. there is also a new speed camera on the kingsway, just before the KFC at miranda
  5. sooooooo, dont speed?!
  6. ^^^^ +1
  7. Outside of schools is one place that I won't complain about speed cameras.

    Not directed at the OP, but if you're speeding outside of a school then you are showing the kind of thoughtless attitude that means we'd all be better off if you permanently took public transport.
  8. There will be a new one on College St in the city, going towards Elizabeth St.

  9. I agree, esp with the 40 zones but it seems they can install those cameras in a hurry but take forever to install those flashing lights and i dont know about all of you but those lights get my attention way more then the cameras, esp when having to constantly be on guard with traffic
  10. this camera is ridiculous. this part of the road is a carpark during school hours, the speed limit is only 50km/h after hours anyway and is way too slow then. :(
  11. oops had a closer look this morning and the holy cross one is a school zone too (duh! my bad) both sides of the road forward facing. the kensington one is forward(towards kensington) facing and is only on the city side of the road. really stupid placement imo. but the holy cross one is good placement.
  12. *in front of cameras/police.

    Business as usual.

    I will.
    Every school-zone should have a pedestrian overpass & a fence so the kids can't even get onto the road, before they throw up a money-tree by the side of the road.
  13. Exactly. If the intention is to protect students, the camera is a a complete waste of money.

    It takes me longer to move from City Road to Anzac Parade in the morning than it does to go from Glebe, across the Bridge, up the Pacific Highway, park the car somewhere in Chatswood, then stroll to the office. :roll:
  14. no they aint
  15. But then how are the kids meant to get to their parents that are parked on the road or to the bus stop also on the side of the road?
  16. gap in the fence at the bus stop with an electric gate that the bus driver opens, yes its expensive but where do you draw the line on price.

    on the two sections i've shown they are fkn high schools. ffs. i never understood why high schools needed school zones
  17. so the cool kids with cars can merge out of the car park easier.
  18. I'm all for having variable speed limit speed cameras in school zones to keep the kiddies safe, but what worries me is non school zone times. These cameras are advertised as being 24 hour cameras, however they only tell you what the speed limit is during school hours. How are you supposed to know what the speed limit is in the other 21 hours of the day. Some roads the speed limit changes regularly, and you come to a speed camera with no signs telling you what the speed limit is for over a km before the camera. Also, people who have turned in from a side street already in the school zone do not know what the speed limit is.
  19. have a designated pickup and drop off zone, maybe a driveway?

    i'm supporting of school zones, but 90% of the time when i go through them after 3:40 or so in the arvo, there's no bloody kids in sight! would it be so hard to have a switch controlled by the head of the school/teacher on duty that they have which activates flashing lights for a 40 zone then?

    I've honestly found myself going along not realising what the time was (i don't have a clock on the bike) and would be speeding through school zones unless the rest of the traffic slows down OR there's big flashing 40 zone signs
  20. netterhead, i remember meeting you on one of the learners runs, then seeign the RGT in the moven brown carpark, and wondering hmmm must be saem guy, how many RGT's do you see around the joint? :LOL:
    yeah look, both of those camera's are in school zones, and they are putting up alot of them at the moment in school zones. i dont have a problem with it. fact si most drivers just speed through school zones anyway, now they are placing them near the crossings that students use the most. good idea, better there than more on freeways etc.

    interesting to see the guys with kids are defending em the most. says something. but at the same time, i do have gripes about school zones on major arterial roads. there is about 4 kms of school zones down the pacific highway non stop, which is a bit ridiculous.