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[syd] tunnle /bridge etoll exemption

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by beej37, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. I've noticed since using the bridge bus lane, that alot of motorcyclists use this lane then move into the tool booth lanes to flash their
    "periodic motorcycle pass". I used to do this... but no more.
    You may or may not know that you can link your etoll tag to the pass and still pay the $65 3 month pass and not be charged the $3 when using the tag. this saves you having to stop.
    To do so has taken me many phone calls to the rta , but finally ive got it sussed. All you need to do is have a seperate etoll account for your bike , get a tag ( which costs ...i know )

    Then ..., here's the tricky part. Fax in a request ( with your etoll acc. id number , and a photocopy of your motorcycle pass ) asking them to link
    the two.
    This has to be done to etoll accounts ( eveyone one else will claim they dont know what the hell your talking about )

    When you go thru the tunnel or bridge , you get bleeped. In your account you a debited $0 for the travel. This way you dont get charged any admin fee for them searching your lic plate.
    I attach my tag to my small tank bag and it works a treat.
    Catch is , that you have to do this every 3 months, after you buy your new pass.

    Did I make any sense !? :eek:
  2. Yep, and thanks for sharing :)

    I can't be bothered though.. I've been stopping to pay (with coins in a bullclip) for a year and a bit. Next year I'm just going to link my dads tag with my plate :grin:
  3. I can't be bothered though.. I've been stopping to pay (with coins in a bullclip) for a year and a bit.

    yeah , I know what you mean. I just hate having to push my way into those lanes from the bus lane. I also get great satisfaction from passing all those cars lined up in peak hour :p
    like filtering ...but in my own lane ! :grin:
  4. I've got an E tag.....and you can register as many plates against your tag as you want.... for as long as u want
  5. yep your right browny, but you cant have a car on the account if you want the exemption .
  6. I just try to avoid being snapped by cameras using bike positioning, and if I do, well they send a toll notice and you can pay online using your etoll account.

    Interesting thing is, I have about 27 toll notices going back to april this year, and guess what......I haven't paid a single one, and have not received an infringement.
  7. so you're telling me it is free???
  8. so you're telling me it is free???

    Not exactly . It costs $65 for 3months unlimited use of the tunnle /bridge.
    For my 5 days/week it works out about $1 a crossing. So cheaper than a car ...so it should be !
    I like Tweets method ..dont pay at all ...sweeet ! :grin:
  9. i jump out of the bus lane and then take my sweet time in peak getting off the bike and paying the cash i pull over all the way to the left of the lane so that cars can get through in front of me if they push in, very unsafe and they know it. now they just wave me through :) :LOL: :LOL:
  10. neat
    i'll remember that if I move over the wrong side of the bridge :wink:
  11. I rode through the Harbour Bridge toll next to another bike who did have a toll-pass, on Saturday.

    No worries :grin: