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[SYD] Triumph Speed Triple 04

Discussion in 'Archived' started by nelda, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. For sale is my Speed Triple 2004 [28500kms].

    Price: $7500.00

    One of the finest Speed Triple 955i on the market.
    This baby has a custom accessories with Triumph logo that cost US$1665. She then has all indicators and rear light cover to transparent. Final changes is to make both main light lights up rather than just one. She also got Jardine aftermarket exhaust slip-on. Got a hugger too and I believe the rear guard is shorter.

    General condition is good with evidence of stationary fall (twice). She was service at BikeBiz Granville and would need another minor service (30K Kms) soon. Tyres was new about 2-3K ago (Michelin Pilot Road2 Front & Rear).

    Extra bits:
    - Original rear seat.
    - Cafe racer handle bar + mirror.
    - Original exhaust.

    I can throw in helm + gloves

    Please PM or email me nelda.ng@gmail.com



  2. Price lowered!!


    C'mon guys.
  3. nice looking bike there!
  4. Love the colour scheme mate! Got any better photos of the Fly Screen & Tail, etc.!?

    Good luck with the sale too! ;)
  5. Still for sale.
    I will renew the rego so you will get full year rego.

    More pics available if you email me.
  6. Hi Mate,
    Has this baby been sold?
  7. Very much so.
  8. Oops,
    What I meant is that the bike is still "very much so" for sale.
    Sorry for the confusion.
  9. I just paid CTP, rego and pink slip.
    The bike is good for another year!!!!

    All reasonable offer will be considered.
  10. perhaps alittle optimistic - but come May 2011 I will be interested as my Fulls come in. Considering a custom this maybe the ticket. Can you pm me OP
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.