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syd to melb on a 250cc

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fireblade, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Hi all....
    I was wondering if i should ride my 2011 cbr250r from syd to melb or do u think a 250 is to small to ride that far.... just after some advise & see what u guys think?

  2. Can't see why not, just take it easy, rest often and don't think that you HAVE to do it in one day
  3. How long do you have? The Hume will kill you with boredom if you try and do a 'down and back' via the direct route.

    On the other hand, if you go down the coast, it's a much more interesting ride, and you can stay the night at Eden on the way down, and the way back.

    As for it being a 250, you'll have no problem if you ride within its and your limits, and don't expect it to do the trip like a litre bike would.
  4. I rode my Honda CB72 to Melbourne from Sydney and back in 1971 and I did it again in 1974 on a CB250 two up...No worries...Go for it...

    Kobo :cool:
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  5. I did Melb to Syd and back on my 250 in December, it was fine. In my case it was a two-week, 4000 km adventure. On the opposite extreme, you could do it in a day on the Hume Freeway, but hornet is right - it's probably the dullest road in Australia.

    What experience do you have in doing longer rides so far?
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  6. Oh.. and up your gearing. Just 1 tooth bigger on the front sprocket will make a big difference and you won't even notice it after a short while...

    Kobo :cool:
  7. This would be my longest ride.....i have only done one other ride of 300km.....it would be down friday & back on sunday......i have been riding for almost 2yrs but still on my p's for 4 more months....
  8. Cazno2 & l did Melbourne to Qld and back again in 2011 both riding 250's. We rode approx 5-6hrs per day which was 4 days from Melbourne to Surfers Paradise, 5 days in Surfers, then 3 days home. The 250's were no problem at all - don't forget to lube, take breaks, hydrate and stretch.

    Also recently did Geelong to Pambula ( which is a few k's shy of your Sydney to Melbourne run) with HB who has a 250 and she had no problems at all either.

    Hume would be boring and the trucks are shockers.

    Have fun and ride safe :)
  9. Go for it - as above...........plan a route with a mixture of interesting and cruisy......take breaks and rest often.......why not eh?
  10. I dont see the 250 being the problem. Im a little concerned about your experience and the time fame. This trip is not like it is in a cage. You will need to stop often and I think it should be a 2 day ride each direction for someone with little long distance experience.

  11. You aren't leaving yourself much time as Friday and Sunday will mostly be on be bike.
    What do you intend to do in Melbourne in the time you are here? Fatigue could play a major factor on your return trip.

    Just a few things to think about.
    Have you got plenty of 'kit' for the trip? Even the basics like a puncture repair kit.

    Also you might want to consider some more saddle time as your previous big ride was 300kms.
    Here you are intending to do around a minimum of 6 times that distance in 72hours.

    Not trying to deter you. Just really get a focus on what you are up for.
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  12. the hume is boring as crap... but its easily doable. if possible take 2 days and go via the coast (though from lakes entrance is still boring and now its an 80 zone from the border!)

    the 250 isn't a problem at all.
  13. Thanks all for the advise....i really appericate it.....im heading down to see my daughters....i would prob leave monday now but may just take the plane......you all make good points & thank you for your advise.....its all the awesome people who ride that makes this website so good.....

    Thanks again & cheers
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  14. good call, (although I did once ride from Wollongong to Melbourne in a day (1,100 + kms, down the coast) with a guy who had only ridden his 250 from Sydney to Wollongong the day he bought it) :shock: .
  15. how long ago was that? ;-)
  16. As I recall it was late in 2005, we went down for a Netrider function, either the Annual Dinner (sniff, no longer), or the Christmas BBQ.

    I was on the Hornet 600, and had not long (March) come back to riding after a long break, he was on a ZZR250.
  17. Have a safe trip regardles of how you get there. 250 will piss it in, but passing over 100kph will have to watch yourself.

    i havnt done an interstate trip myself, but a mate of mine did one a few years ago. things that he noticed on his trip...

    air flowing through the helmet - hurt his eyes
    sunburn on skin not covered
    bugs clogging up visor
    animals darting accross road
  18. and budget for a set of tires when you get back..... highway is a killer. it squares them out.
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  19. I should also add that back in the 80s I did Sydney-Melbourne via the Hume on a Kawasaki 250 triple two stroke. Roadside maintenance included re-attaching the countershaft sprocket somwehere south of Benalla, and using a road-side rock as a hammer to belt the only screwdriver in the tool kit to turn over the edge of the retaining washer lol
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  20. thats more what i was expecting lol