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[SYD] The Cross City Tunnel, and new road changes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Is anyone else hugely impacted by the changes being made to force people to use the new cross city tunnel? Access to the Harbour Tunnel and Harbour Bridge from William street has been closed. You have to go into the CBD to get to the bridge (only), or you can use the new cross city tunnel. I work in Chatswood. I am not getting a bloody tunnel to Darling Harbour to get to Chatswood. NRMA estimate that Monday will produce the worst traffic ever seen in Australia. Thats what you get when the state government is in the pocket of private road/tunnel builders.

  2. Yep, going to add about 5-10 minutes to my trip home.

    I work in Oxford st, so now won't be able to use the tunnel, will have to use the bridge. I might give the long way around to get to the tunnel a go though.

    Going to be interesting to see on Monday.
  3. haven't heard a good thing about it yet. It's late, we'll probably hear it's over budget, and our dear departed Premier probably signed another one of those assinine agreements to guarantee the owner's income for the next 150 years, even if we get taxed to make it happen. How do you spell Airport Rail Link? CON!!!
  4. When Citylink started in Melbourne, didn't people vote with their indicators and avoid it due to the cost and also the fact that existing and previously free freeways suddenly had tolls applied to them? I heard that due to the expected revenue not coming in because everyone was accepting the traffic and taking the major suburban roads that the contractor threatened to sue the government if it didn't force people to use the tollways by severely restricting the use of existing roads. The said the govt had to close lanes and block streets to make them more money!

    The government was left with the choice of a huge legal cost(which taxpayers would have had to wear anyway) or political suicide. WHERE IS MY FUEL TAX GOING!!!!!!!!
  5. Yep, all true. Transurban even has contracts in place that prevents the government from building new freeways/tollways or rail links that will take traffic away from Citylink.

    No doubt, there will be similar contracts in place for Connect East, the new Eastern Freeway/Frankston Freeway tollway interconnector, formely known as the Scoresby Freeway.

    As you'll all recall, the then ALP Opposition slammed the Citylink project. So, what does it do? It rejects federal funding, it lies to the people living out along the Connect East corridor by saying that the Scoresby freeway will remain just that - a freeway, and it turns it into a tollway.

    Despicable politics at its worst. At least, I s'pose, the much needed Pakenham Bypass will go ahead as planned as a freeway.

    Until the early to mid 80s, we didn't have a state levied fuel tax. When Pyramid Building Society went arse up and investors and savings account holders lost a lot of dough, the then ALP state government decided to bail them out by imposing a fuel levy on the rest of us.

    When the Pyramid people got their dough, the levy stayed in place. It was called something else. Today, it's simply a fuel levy.

    And my understanding of the GST was that it was supposed to replace taxes like this. We pay GST on both the excise that the federal government recieves, the base price of the fuel and the state levy. So, in essence, it's a tax on the two taxes, just like the GST is levied against our TAC premium, the "insurance duty" and the $50 surcharge, which in reality, is closer to $62 with GST factored in.

    With respect to the NSW people, I can't understand why they all pay tolls on most of their major roads, and across the Harbor Bridge. They were put in place to fund the construction of them. The Bridge has well and truly been paid for. Yet, they're still paying for it.

    The thing is, NSW people pay the same sort of taxes as do other states who don't have tollways. The NSW government must be flush with funds. Either that, or it spends heaps more on other things.