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NSW Syd Tele Vids dangerous road users

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mav, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Sydney Tele Today

    Read the article and check out the video...maybe the mexicans can use this as evidence for road-user lack of awareness with the Morris Blackburn and Assoicates submisison to the TAC.


  2. Christ those poor bastards must get so frustrated with ****wits.

    Must have the patience and clarity of mind of a saint.
  3. Anyone see the "A Current Affair" ep about them on youtube? Worth the googling.

    Makes you wonder what you have to do to get noticed as a motorcyclist when flashing lights, a siren and hi-vis gear doesn't help.
  4. Many obvious search terms were unsuccessful, so here it is:

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  5. It's good to see that NSW health are providing them with gear, the NSW police could learn.

    Seen these guys riding in the city and they fly.
  6. And to think, our single responders in Melbourne are in Ford Territorys. I'm still struggling to see the benefit of one of these over a normal MICA unit.
  7. Motorcycle paramedics - what a fantastic idea for the city.

    Melbourne - take note!
  8. Might be a good basis for the argument against mandatory hi-vis gear for motorcyclists.
  9. And loud pipes....
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    Maybe if the motorcycle paramedics had loud pipes then they wouldn't have problems with pedestrians :)

  11. Hmmmmm
  12. Honestly though whenever I'm on foot I usually have my head pretty far up my arse. If I saw a motorcycle paramedic on the footpath (I think I'd get out of the way) but my first thought would most likely be "oh he's off the road there must be a person dying near here".

    Also not raging at people overtaking buses over double lines and blocking em in, they must all be saints :/
  13. Hopefully this is before they produced any children.
  14. " How do these things differ from an ordinary ambulance?."

    Hahahaha, gold.
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  15. Someones sarcasm detector seems to be faulty.
  16. can't stand pedestrians using the road with ipods/phones ignorant of surrounding traffic, but it's a bit rough to ask them not to use ipods/phones whilst using footpaths.