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[SYD] - Sunday's go slow ride - it's in the papers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Jun 23, 2005.

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  2. I love the heading they put:
    "MOTORCYCLE riders will 'slow ride' across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to protest what they say are unfair toll prices"

    as opposed to...
    "MOTORCYCLE riders will 'slow ride' across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to protest unfair toll prices"

    <sarcasm>Its always good to have the support of the media.</sarcasm>

    But it is good to increase the profile of the protest regardless.
  3. bit of a shame that there was no reference made to the complete lack of eTag for riders :?
  4. Good luck people in Sydney (I still hope the Swans get done - shit I hate them) on your ride.
    I hope you have good weather and a good turn out. Give em hell!!!!


  5. I don't get it, on the calendar date it states that 50 bikes will ride up to the toll very slowly and pay, the rest will go for a ride up Mt White....?????? What the???? so it's a protest of only 50 people while the rest cruise off somewhere else...???? Can someone please explain............ :?
  6. to the best of my knowledge the plan is to only have 50 going to the toll to cause minimum inconvenience however whilst still having the numbers to show the support (the rest of the riders).

    post protest, if it appears that we are still receiving the same run-aroun d and band-aid solutions, the protest will be repeated but with more riders...
  7. Sure.

    The goal is maximum exposure without annoying everyone.

    We're all going to ride slowly across the bridge, 20 km/h from the southside. So no toll to be paid there.

    At the other end, 50 pre-selected riders will turn around go back and pay the toll, very, very slowly.

    The rest are then free to do what they want, but the plan is to ride up to Mt White as a group.

    If this protest doesn't get our message across, the following month we'll do it again, but this time 100 riders will peel off to pay the toll slowly, then the next time 200, and so on.

    They'll be a ride prep from the MCC when you get there. Hopefully the weather will be good.
  8. Thanks champ, I would thought a big impact from the start would be better.... I mean if hundreds of riders turned out on the first protest imagine the impact....
  9. It's actually been cleverly thought out. Hundreds of riders do show up, and hopefully will. But only a handful make life a little painful for everyone else.

    It's a win/win. We show our numbers and commitment, show what we can do to slow down traffic, but don't.
  10. Update from the MCC on the ride

    The Protest is ONLY about the toll rate. The other issues will follow later,

    Media Brief and Press Release available from:-

    The webpage for E-tags has the ride Notice Also there, download and print the "Carpamf" and cut into four, so you have something to give to the onlooker who asks "what?"

    The ride will be minimally disruptive to other traffic

    All NSW Politicians have been provided a sticker and ride Notice.

    We are getting good political support for this!
    The Leader of the Democrats will also speak for us at Hickson Rd.

    This is about drawing the TV cameras, cheerfully.
    We will give them colour and movement.
    More time on TV = more coverage for our issues.

    Only one team of toll payers, to demonstrate the effect.
    Bring a toll and give it to the Salvo's

    Main run is North, slowly, "Mourning the Toll".
    Some action around the Northern Tunnel entrance.

    Please refer reporters and microphones to the MCC Spokespeople We want to ensure the story is clear.

    Basically, "We want our toll rate back, its four times too high"

    We will need a few volunteers to assist at Hickson Road from 9am to carry the Salvos collection buckets.

    See you there.

    Remember, you are on TV.
  11. fair enough, as i don't know any other riders would it be cool just to rock up?
  12. where are you located Shakey? Maybe we can meet up somewhere beforehand?
  13. More than cool to rock up!

    And it's the best way to get to know some other riders is to turn up to something like this. Lots of chances for a chat, both at the start and end.

    And it's always fun to be in a big long stream of riders stopping traffic(toy runs are fantastic!)
  14. if there's a meet up beforehand, let me know :D
  15. I use the bridge everyday and today is the first I have heard about this protest. I would like to meet up too. I am also an E-Tag user, a great big bloody lump of plastic wedged into a mobile phone case and clipped to my arm. Thats called improvising because we aren't catered for.
  16. Sounds like a well organised protest.

    All the best for the ride. I'm actually trying to think if I could get over there to lend some support to you guys.
  17. What is the plan for it? 20KPH is all lanes? Will it depend on numbers? There will have to be a final meeting point so that we all move off together and achieve the goal, where is that?
  18. There will be a rider brief before we cruise out.

    The first meeting point is wharf 8, hickson road the rocks.

    From there it's a straight run to the Mt White. After the bridge, you can peel off if you want to.

    20km an hour over the bridge, with I expect a bit of a speed up after that.

    There will be a ride briefing before hand though.

    I'm coming via the northside, so one of the southside riders might want to set up a south meeting point.

    I'm only going via what the mcc sends out, so don't quote what I say as gospel either :)
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  20. I am near Double Bay. Anyone out that way going to this?