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[SYD] - Sunday 28th May 11am - Free Copies of Tourist Trophy

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, May 23, 2006.

  1. On Behalf Of Guy Stanford
    Sent: Monday, May 22, 2006 3:19 PM
    Subject: Re: Playstation - "Tourist Trophy" - the best tracks andadjustable

    Get yourself on TV and into the promotional photos and pick up a free game while you're at it

    New Sony game "TOURIST TROPHY"

    We have been asked to be the backdrop to the press launch for the Sony Playstation game.

    Some excellent freebies on a first in, best dressed basis.

    I did say best dressed, This is best leathers, show and shine It'll be crawling with TV cameras, press, magazines.


    We need riders, clean sportsbikes, lots of colour and lots of cheerful smiling. Pass on to friends who have Playstation and ride.

    I have game giveaways to help that smile. (OK, I did put the hard word on them to make this worthwhile) I've got 50 copies of the game to give away to the best presented. Also have other good things from other suppliers, its shaping up well

    Sunday 28 May
    11 am
    for 1 hour or so
    City location

    That's THIS coming Sunday.
    See you there!

    Further to my last.........

    The venue has just been changed, it's now in Customs Square, in front of Customs House at Circular Quay i.e. Alfred Street, city side, the open area opposite the ferry wharf near the Information booth.

    Proper security clearances are in place, so there's no dramas for bikes on the forecourt.

    Enter the Quay from Philip Street and its just there, on your left.
  2. I'll be there, red Monster with Tiger Angel leathers, so if anyone else cruises up, say hi.

    Have to give the monster a wash as well though :)
  3. Do I cancel my P's test and go to this ? :?

    I have till tomorrow to reschedule !!

  4. P's then you can go extra 10kph hehe
  5. I've rescheduled my P's test.
    Oh well, another month with the weathered L plate strategically hidden behind the rear numberplate. :grin:

    10km/h . . . . pfffft !
    Its straight to unrestricted for me Matti !
  6. I'll be there for sure, I've been waiting for this game for months, a freebie would be real nice! Just wondering if you I don't have leather pants, will leather jacket and camo draggins do??
  7. I'm coming the black leathers, hopefully my visor will be tinted also to match my black helmet . . . . and also camo pants !
    But not in Urban Warfare camo, coming in true-blue Auscams ! :grin: . . . . just to be different !
  8. Guy's handing out the freebies to the best dressed, so depends what everyone else is wearing.

    But MCC has lined up a bunch of other freebies and discount vouchers, so it's worth the trip just for those.

    And they'll be a bunch of riders to chat to no matter what.
  9. how come melbourne doesnt have one of these... if i leave now i think i can be in melbourne for it (extra day to find my way around)
  10. Sounds good. I've been planning a fang into the city for weeks now. Looks like this might be the day to make it. Fingers crossed re weather forecast :-(
  11. Latest message from MCC.

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    From: mcc-delegates-bounces@hagus.net
    [mailto:mcc-delegates-bounces@hagus.net]On Behalf Of Guy Stanford
    Sent: Thursday, 25 May 2006 16:07
    To: MCC-Delegates
    Subject: [Mcc-delegates] Sunday - Sony

    This event is coming up trumps.

    The game launch will be the first time any of the public in Australia gets to play the game.

    There will be good exposure for riders as the ones who get this privilege

    A good opportunity to bikes on the TV in a good light.

    Be there! Rain, hail or shine.

    Overflow riders for the limited space at Customs House, pick up a gift or voucher from Joe Rocket or Yoshimura as you blow by.
  12. It was awesome this morning.
    About 50 or so riders turned up and everyone got a FREE Tourist Trophy game and a Playstation shirt.

    Here are some pics . . . .


    the view from Circular Quay station.


    my VTR among the sea of 600cc+ bikes ! :cool: , and Kaer's Monster !


    Sarah McLeod from The Superjesus the official Sony Tourist Trophy chic !


    Some of us taking the game a little too serious ! :LOL: Kaer looking on !


    And we all got into a big group photo for the official Sony release !
  13. . . . oh, and I forgot this pic !


    hehehehe !
  14. that's awesome, pity there wasn't a launch in melbourne as well but then the lowly zzr would look a little tragic compared to all those shiny machines... and there's no way i'd get out of bed on a sunday morning ever for a nice freeby :grin:

    nice pics btw.
  15. every rider got a copy of the game, guess I washed my bike for nothing ey lol
  16. Free sandwiches as well :)

    There are some rather silly shots of all us throwing are arms in the air as well.

    I've been playing my free copy now, man I suck, amazing I can actually ride a bike outside the PS2 :)
  17. I didn't mind spending an hour of my sunday morning for a photo shoot. The game bloody rocks!!! Was playing it til 1 in the morning last night, even the missus likes it, the first PS game she's ever played!

    for those that couldn't make it, or interstate, I would strongly recommend getting the game when it's out on Thursday, I think there's a lot you can learn for the real world in terms of the best line to take.

    and no, i haven't been paid by sony or anyone else for this endorsement. :wink:
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  19. [img:533:400:1cb3a4e977]http://www.playstation.com.au/assets/news/tourist_trophy_promo_09_big.jpg[/img:1cb3a4e977]

    LOL, thats my head in the reflection !
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