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NSW [SYD] Stolen White Triumph Speed Triple

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by charoli, May 13, 2011.

  1. Just putting the word out for a stolen 2006 White Speed Triple. It was my mates, left it for 30mins, stolen off the street at Broadway 2 nights ago, had a disc lock, so must of been loaded on a van.

    It's got comp insurance, but had lots of $ aftermarket goodies which weren't covered, which I'm guessing would be parted and sold.

    Please watch out for

    Arrow titanium full system
    Rizoma black rear sets
    Penske rear shock
    Rizoma indicators
    Pazzo levers
  2. no cameras around anywhere?
  3. that's a good thought.
  4. Where on broadway? Where on broadway can you park? Or do you mean around the side/back of the shopping centre?
  5. Yeah, on the side side street of Broadway. Too bad it was also out of the view of the surveillance camera. We'll see if the bike pops up somewhere but highly doubt it, just going to keep an eye out for parts on sale. We had a few more bits to fit on the bike, lucky we didn't have time. Ah well...
  6. Did you park there regularly?
  7. This is such a depressing thread. A beautiful Triumph Speed Triple, in white! :'(

    Any news on it, charoli?
  8. We've given up, he's waiting on the insurance money but has bought an Indian made Vespa clone for the daily commute!
  9. a scooter?!?!?!? my depression has just thrown itself off the cliff.

  10. i know the feeling, ive lost a bike myself. It fukin hurts, sometimes you hope they'll come back for one last try... to show them what they really missed out on :)
  11. Speedy got found! Accumulating parking tickets in Redfern! Looks like joy riders ran out of petrol and tried to pry the gas cap. Wiring damaged, cosmetic scratches, but all parts still on the bike!
  12. If they were joyriders, how did they bypass the disc-lock?
  13. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. well, not yours but your mates, but yeah
  15. good stuff!!
  16. well, still good news!!! :D
  17. I work in Glebe a few blocks down from Broadway. No way would I park anything down in this area. The kids in this area are feral.
  18. Sorry...old thread I know...
    I'm curious about this as well... And did your mate end up keeping the Triumph after getting it fixed up?
  19. *bah, old thread*