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SYD Stolen R1

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Psycho Biker, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Posting this on behalf of someone..

    any info please email me directly.

    Posted: Thu 02 Feb 06 21:36 Post subject: STOLEN R1!!! BIG REWARD!


    hey, guys , please keep an eye out for my R1, was stolen today from
    city casino, between 11.00-7.00 today. 2/2/06

    dark silver 2004 R1:
    REGO plates: UCX68
    carbon fibre teardrop mirrors
    greggs custom flushmount front indicators
    iridium chrome double bubble screen
    valter-moto fender eliminator
    LED back indicators
    WHITE LED running lights
    carbon fibre look yoke cover
    silver oroadsports stickers on the swingarm

    P.S there is a big reward out for anyone who leads me to the bike.
  2. A big reward? Does that mean no full comp for him?
  3. correct - he's not covered for theft :(
  4. far out...
    i hope he gets it back...

    and insures his next bike :)
  5. Bugger, sounds like he'd done some work to it. Hope it gets found in good condition.
  6. There are two types of scum that take bikes.
    Those who want to ride em & those who want em.
    Usually the later.
    There is no deterrent. If apprehended, all that happens is they geta slap on the rist, a worning.
    Big deal.
    The victim has to claim on insurance. If not insured & in many that is the case. Save up & replace it.
    Why dont the courts in this country. Make these scumbags pay for it. Either from thier wages or sell what ever they have to make up the difference, plus compensation.
    I dont want to know that there mum is ill, or the cat had kittens that day, or their dad left home.
    To bloody bad, you pay up.
    The laws in this country, our legal system are a joke. As are judges & lawyers.
    It is a stroke of the pen to alter it.
    Stop the bull sh*t & kick ass.
  7. :twisted:

    Poor bugger
  8. SHARPY for PM!

    Vote 1 SHARPY!
  9. Silly Bugger. Unfortunate and alittle upsetting i'm sure but silly bastard.

    Why would you ride a bike like THAT and not insure it for theft. If not comp then atleast 3rd party +fire and theft.

    Bike are VERY easy to steal, sydney has lots of bike thiefs and a bike like THAT is going to be very popular model amongst thiefs and with the mods it'll attract MUCH more attention.
  10. Sadly it seems alot of insurance companies won't offer 3rd party, fire & theft, only 3rd party (NRMA for example). When I wanted to insure my GSXR this was the case, if I wanted theft then it had to be full comp.

    For anyone under 30 thats big $$$ and if under 25 its even worse, like $4k worse :(

    Best option would be to get someone over 30 to insure it and become a named rider I guess....but thats not always easy.
  11. Are bike alarms any good in these situations?

    I've always had it in the back of my mind to install one....

    Regards, Nick
  12. Man, any R1 is a thief magnet, there's something about them.

    I reckon you're asking for trouble if you ride an R1 without full comp insurance. I feel very sorry for your mate, but if he'd held off on the cosmetic add-ons he could probably afford to insure it.
  13. Probably after 3 or 4 years the insurance would add up to more than he paid for the bike : :]
  14. I hear all this talk about how expensive fully comprehensive insurance is for young riders.... my fully comprehensive cost me about $360.00 with Swan Insurance.... and thats being an experienced rider on my L's, and under the age of 30!!! Look around people!!!
  15. Full Comp on any vehicle over 5k for me. Otherwise its 3rd party. I think 3rd party should be compulsory.

  16. Yep I checked everywhere, and the ones that would touch me wanted 1.5-2k for full comp otherwise it was 3rd party only...

    1.5k Comp for a 2k bike... get farrrrked...
  17. I guess its cheaper for chicks huh?? :p
  18. Must be the types of bikes then. I live in a "high accident" area and full comp is $260.00 / year. I think thats pretty fair for an '03 bike.

  19. Trisha... your bike isnt good, your age is above 25.

    Crashed lately?
  20. have to agree a zzr is a little different to an R1 in the eyes of insurers