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{syd}Stolen bike CBR250 TFG70 +reward

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zbike, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Wook at at 6am and my red cbr250 in red is missing from the driveway its got the side fairings missing and tinted screen.

    500$ reward for anyone that sees it and reports it or knows the arsehole that took it an lets me or the cops know.

    stolen from parklea in sydney.
  2. Sorry To hear the bad news and hope you find it :)
  3. I don't understand.

    The entire bike is missing?
    Only the fairings and screen are missing?
    They took the bike and left the fairings and screen?
  4. you mean to say you woke up at 6am, bike missing, and just to identify it, it's got missing fairings & screen?
  5. I think he's asking to keep a lookout for a red CBR streetfighter.
  6. bad luck dude... you should offer double if they bring the guy alive, and the bike. betcha youd love that!
  7. Yeah ment it had a missing side fairing and a blue tinted screen.
    Yeah double if u break his legs for me
  8. youd want to break them yourself, no doubt. was it locked? steering lock ect? if it was steering locked, see if you can find any cameras in the area and look for trailers. Also check CBR's in the area for youre parts, as most of the time people steal for joyrides and spares.
  9. yeah that sucks mate. i used to live in footscray and they tried, but failed to steal my bike. they managed to cause some expensive damage when trying to start it though. instead the punk-junkie-assh*les stole my leathers and gloves which were drying under the pergola

    i hope karma gets him