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{Syd} St John's Motorcycle First Aid Course

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bigchief, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. I enquired about the St John's Motorcycle First Aid Course and got the following response:

    Good Morning Marco,

    This course is always a Group booking done onsite. Usually organized by Motorcycle Clubs.

    Coral Ann Boniface
    Customer Service Officer
    St John (NSW)

    Wonder who would be interested in attending such a course (in the Sydney area), and how we can go about arranging it

  2. Hi Marco - great idea. I might be in if the timing suits (life's pretty busy these days)
  3. I'm interested in doing this
  4. Me too, depending when it's run.
  5. Does it cover more topics than the Senior First Aid or is it a subset of the senior first aid course?
  6. Hi,

    I also have a senior first-aid certificate but this is the info from their website: http://www.stjohnnsw.com.au/tc_mfa.html

    Motorcycle First Aid

    Course description
    This course is designed to equip the participant with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide care to an injured or ill motorcycle rider.

    Course duration
    Eight (8) hours.

    This course includes safety at the scene of an accident, recognition and management of the unconscious rider. The management of trauma including bleeding (internal & external), shock and chest injuries. When and how to remove a motorcycle helmet, resuscitation techniques, burns treatment, wounds including impaled objects, gravel rash, laceration, contusions and management of the casualty.

    Minimum age for participants is 14 years.

    Training materials
    Emergency First Aid: A Quick Guide booklet, bandages.

    Conducted at most St John training venues or on request.

    Certificate validity
    A Certificate of Attendance is issued.

    $100 inc GST
  7. +1
  8. +1
  9. hell i'd put in annual leave to take part in that... if it was in melbourne... Wonder if St Johns do it down here, i better scurry of and have a look.
  10. I'd be in for that as well... when would you be looking at booking it for?
  11. hmm 'impaled objects' they say.sounds interesting.
    count me in :wink:
  12. If Disassembled is going then I'm going to, so I can learn to reassemble him :LOL: .

    Seriously though, let's make it happen, if u need a hand to get it off the ground, PM me.

    Tex & Bundy
  13. Thanks Tex, nice to know someone cares.
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Tex & Bundy
  15. Only 8hrs, I'd say a subset of level one rather than level 2.

    Level 2 will cover all these injuries except helmet removal which in in the coursework.

    If anyone on this forum doesn't have Level 1 at the very least, then I'd suggest you do it. I know it can be expensive but most employers will pay the cost as profesional development in order to meet OH&S requirments. :deal: :grin:

    How would you feel if a mate died on a group ride because you didn't know what to do? :-k
  16. Hi Guys

    I've been emailed some info by St John's which I need to read through. The only possible poblem could be venue since we're not strictly speaking a club who has an office in Sydney.

    I need to go back to them and ask them about presenting this course at one of their locations.

    I'm interested though, I'm sure this course was done by NetRider member before...where did they do it?

    Will get back to you as soon as I have spoken to St John's about a possible venue
  17. Can we organise something for the people in Melbourne...

    If you get one going count me in.