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[Syd] - St Johns Motorcycle First Aid Course - Sat May 27th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Another club I'm with is organising the St Johns Ambulance Motorcycle first Aid course.

    Cost is $90, for a 7 hour course, and is being held in Surry Hills on Saturday May 27th.

    PM me for details if you want to know how to sign up.

    And now for the spiel.

    Motorcycle First Aid Course Details:

    Course description:
    This course is designed to equip the participant with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide care to an injured or ill motorcycle rider. Each participant is issued with a motorcycle first aid cloth patch.

    Course duration:
    Seven (7) hours.

    This course includes safety at the scene of an accident, recognition and management of the unconscious rider. The management of trauma including bleeding (internal & external), shock and chest injuries. When and how to remove a motorcycle helmet, resuscitation of the unconscious non-breathing casualty, burns treatment, wounds including impaled objects, gravel rash, laceration, contusions and management of the casualty.

    Minimum age for participants is 14 years.

    Training materials:
    Emergency First Aid: A Quick Guide booklet, bandages.

    Certificate validity:
    A Certificate of Attendance is issued.

    If you have done this course previously please let us know your feedback.

    Please note this is not the Senior First Aid Course but the Motorcycle First Aid Course.

    Further reading:
    Motorcycle Council of NSW - First Aid Page - http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/cgi-bin/printable.pl?id=83
    St John Ambulance Australia - http://www.stjohn.org.au/
    The course details - http://www.stjohnnsw.com.au/tc_mfa.html
  2. It's a good day, MRA held one last month.
    We only paid $80 thou
  3. Sounds great. I'll have to check ahead to see my Uni calendar Standings but that sounds like a plan!!!
  4. Um nope :roll: and i wouldn't pay $10 for one either. :shock:
    Do you get a BBQ and show and tell trashed bike less then 30min old?

    All in all it's a great day, well worth it.
    Glad i did it.
  5. Sounds good
    Count me in
  6. Yeah im very interested. Just hope im not doing anything with work at that time. I know theyve got some sort of trip in the works for the near future...
  7. Looks like we'll have a brigade of "Moto medics" :LOL:
  8. i've penned it in my diary.
    you don't know when you need it to help someone.
  9. Also payment is required by May 1st, so make sure you can attend before confirming.

    And again PM for the exact details.
  10. Already down for it on "that other forum". They have about 10 takers already. Might end up with some cross-polination between forums in Sydney.
  11. Hello everyone, I am the person organising this course through another forum and thanks Kaer for posting this up :wink:

    Just letting people know if you are interested in attending this course please send me a PM to organise payment and details or answer any questions about it. The session has a maximum number of people allowed to attend so i need numbers and payments before Monday 1st May 2006.

    Hope to see a few of you there!
  12. I'm in for this, it's been a while since I last did an official first aid course, remote rescue not withstanding. Interesting what to do when help is 3 or more days away. :eek:

    Hmmm magots and leeches what helpful blighters they are :shock: :LOL:
  13. Re: [Syd] - St Johns Motorcycle First Aid Course - Sat May 2

    https://netrider.net.au/calendar/index.php?action=add :wink:
  14. For anyone interested.

    Reminder: Payment required by Monday, 1 May 2006 so that I can confirm numbers. If there are spaces left after this date i'll still be taking monies from people wanting to participate.
  15. There are a few spots left for anyone else that might be interested in participating. Please let me know ASAP if you would like to attend.
  16. i'm interested in the course, but how do i pay you?
  17. seems to be a problem with page 2 on this thread since last night not sure why.

    but anyway, make sure you pm ki ki for the details, doing this course could mean the difference between a friend of yours being alive or being a statisitic.

    so get your butts in gear and brush up on your first aid. (add motorcycle specific first aid to your skills)
  18. yeah not sure why but the post count is wrong for this thread. page 2 keeps on giving errors for me.,,.. --sigh--

    ok now fixed, post count is out by bout 3.. odd ..
  19. Camille - You can either deposit into an account which details i've sent via PM to you or you can tee up a time to meet up with me.

    Dante - Cheers for fixing that... I thought it was just my computer not liking the second page :roll: :grin:
  20. Update: I have sent PMs with final details of the course to those that are participating.