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[SYD] Spotted this morning - 3 Bumblebees !! . . . scoop !!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. The day I forget my stalker mobile-phone at home is the day I miss out on taking photos of a motoring scoop !! :mad:

    Driving to work this morning I notice a long bonnet 2dr coupe drive by painted in matt-black and covered with plastic bits to break up the shape and profile. 2-3 cars behind it was another one, this time it was painted black and white in an almost urban camo pattern, and behind that another one.

    Yes, they were 2009 Chevy Camaros !! :eek:

    So, did anyone else in Sydney see them cruising in the early hours this morning ??? To be honest, they looked pretty cool ! - but are 6.0L V8 engines really necessary these days ?? lol

  2. Re: [SYD] Spotted this morning - 3 Bumblebees !! . . . scoop

  3. When it comes to american cars yes. American car companies are like their workers, lazy. Hence along with poor build quality they also get piddly amount of power per cc. The power they get from their 6L engine is less than the hp output from many 2.5-3L jap engines :grin:

    Also whilst we're on the topic of cars in sydney, whats the go with the black cars (usually holden statesmen) that have a number plate starting with HC then 3 letters? They have an extra aerial and extra tinted windows. Police? Politicians? Official overseas visitors? Something? I see them all the time.
  4. So, judging from what I saw this morning it looks like GM are sending the Camaro to Aust. ! The 3 test cars this morning are testing to see if they can survive Sydney's crapy roads ! :LOL:

    I reckon it would be so cool getting one in Yellow with black stripes ! :grin:
    (with Megan Fox riding shotgun)
  5. HC = Hire Cars.

    You can hire them if you want, its a gloriefied taxi.

    Also the favourite mode of transport for the NSW Politicians.

    Mohammed apparently owns two which he gets others to drive for him. :grin: Thats why he had all the comms equipment in his cab - he is a very busy busy man . . . as he described himself ! :LOL:
  6. Re: [SYD] Spotted this morning - 3 Bumblebees !! . . . scoop

    Was reading an article in the latest wheels magazine where they ran a 1L Smart from Adelaide to Alice Springs and the fuel economy under those conditions was quite interesting.
    In fact I reckon under the same conditions a 6L Camaro probably would have used less - so might not be necessary, but is a lot better suited to some conditions.
  7. I see them everywhere too, I'm informed that HC = Hire Car. They look a bit too "gangsta" to be hire cars in my opinion, what ever happened to the little white Corollas?
  8. Re: [SYD] Spotted this morning - 3 Bumblebees !! . . . scoop

    As necessary as 1000+cc motorbikes, so yes, very necessary! :grin:
  9. Seeing as they were developed and engineered by Holden, doesnt mean they are necesarily destined here.

    You would have seen Left Hand Drives on a test drive.

    Old news...

  10. You don't drive them though, you have a driver in a nice suit and slightly better deodourised than your standard taxi driver ! :LOL:

    Some are pretty gangsta . . there are a few Chrysler 300Cs going around with 20inchers on them.
  11. which jap engines? n/a or turbo??
  12. Shouldn't matter - they were all limited to something like 280hp anyway.
    Which is slightly less than a late 1950's 6L V8 (and they have improved a bit since then).
  13. yep,there aint no replacement for displacement! :cool:
  14. The camaro has 430hp for the base model. Which n/a 3L japanese car makes that again?
  15. Yes but hp is only half the story, there's also torque.
    Besides a muscle car is supposed to have a V8. Using a turbo-4 is like sticking a 600cc inline four into a big cruiser. It may have the same power output, but it's still just plain wrong.
  16. Oh and 400Hp comes from the LS2 6.0L

    Considering the GM Line Up (Corvette) has been replaced with the LS3 6.2 (436HP) - its a fair assumption to believe the Camaro will get the same.
  17. This is indicitive of what is possible under race circumstances.
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