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NSW Syd - Sportsbike Escort or Nephews School Formal.

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by Finn, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Syd - Sportsbike Escort for Nephews School Formal.

    Hey All

    One of my Nephew's has his School Formal in November (Tuesday 23rd) in Blacktown.
    He and his mates are going in a Black Hummer and I said, half joking...."how cool would it look if the Hummer was escorted by two Sports Bikes, with riders in full Leathers"....Needless to say, he loved the idea.

    So, If you own a Sports bike and ATG and are able to help an old uncle out I'd really appreciate it.

    PM if you can help.


    Updated info
    Leaving Blacktown at 6pm for (normally) 5 minute trip to Blacktown RSL.
    Tuesday November 23rd.

    This will only go ahead if it's not bucketting down
  2. My birthday! That'd be fun, but think big - 20 bikes would be really impressive!

    Unfortunately I'll be in NZ, so can't help out.
  3. sorry, havnt got race leathers lol
  4. Happy Birthday for the 23rd DarkHorse. Shame you can't make it.
    You're right though, 20 Bikes would be awesome.

    You think I could get 20 bikes out there? $10 each for fuel. That's pretty much my budget.

    Going by the pics of your bike after it was detailed. Mate you could turn up in P.Js and it would still look good.
    When I said "race leathers", I didn't mean to be so specific.
    ATG is what I meant. :wink:
  5. get a few bikes and i'm in weather permitting, what time?
  6. I've updated the OP with departure time and Destination.

    Cheers all.
  7. Would've loved to volunteer but I have a uni exam that night. Good luck with that, great idea.
  8. Dude I'm in :)

    My new bike counts doesn't it :D
  9. Cheers Zaph.

    Thanks to Smokae & Marts92 for their PMs offering their time.
    Much appreciated.

    So that's x4......
  10. This sounds so cool!!!!. would love to help but on afternoon shift that week, Bugger.
    My daughter got offered to be taken in a sidecar, but she was like, "no way, the hair" LOL.
    She is such a girl. LOl
    Best of luck getting more bikes together and would love to see photos
  11. Sorry bud, I'll be with the missus up the coast otherwise I'd be in too. Good luck with it all! Make sure you get some pics for us!
  12. Thanks Chiki & Mitch.
    I suspect, being the time of the year and all, I will get a few "wish I could help."

    Very much appreciate the guys that can help.
    X5 including myself so far.
    Looking forward to it.

    Will get piccies for sure.

    Maybe I should have put a Youtube Challenge out there. See how many bikes we can get and I'll post it on youtube.
    I'm sure it would kick the arse of some dancin' wedding crapanola.

    Food for thought...
  13. OK my mates in to ZX_Ninja
  14. You're a good man Goz.
    (regardless what they say) :wink:

    So's your mate.

    Cheers bud

    that's x6 :grin:
  15. That's ok mate, I can ride yours for you so the trumpy doesn't feel left out.
  16. 6 bikes! wicked! man i'd have loved to have gone lol. come on people - need 20 bikes! freaking sweeeeet
  17. this is a great idea! on my formal my friends dad did something similar but it was all cruisers leading the limo (about 10 of them)..we went through the city on the way to where it was and so many people kept turning around to have a look haha

    i'd do it but i dont have leathers and my bike's only a 250 hehe...
  18. Leathers aren't compolsory, nor is size (or so I'm told :wink: ).

    I'd just like to get as many as we can.
    If we can get a good number, it won't matter what the riders are wearing. As long as they're not spanners or squids.

    Thanks for the support lowercase. Much appreciated. (y)
  19. if thats not an issue then ill be happy to go..any excuse for a ride now that I've finished exams and just realised its also the day im doing the stay upright course so ill be in a riding mood afterwards :D
  20. Excellent. :grin: :grin:

    Thats x7 now.
    Nephew's gonna be stoked.

    Cheers (y)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.