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[Syd] Spanner Day, Sun 16th Jul

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Haggismaen, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Hey guys.

    I recently took up Androo's generous offer of mechanical assistance and during the ensuing conversation Androo suggested that we make it an open-invitation Spanner day for all those interested.

    I don't have much of an idea as to what would be covered, but most likely it would be stuff such as checking/adjusting valve clearance and carb balancing and maintenance. However I'm sure that anything that people would like addressed or just general questions could be covered as well (perhaps newer riders after information on general chain maintenance and the like).

    Of particular interest to VTR250 owners is that JBot is currently scanning/copying the VTR250 service manual and we should have, at least, the sections on the carburettors and valves by the weekend. Fingers crossed.

    What we are looking for is general interest from Netriders of all mechanical abilities (if you're experienced in this sort of thing and want to lend a hand I'm sure Androo would appreciate it). Also we are looking for a suitable location as to where to hold it. Somebody out there with a nice big garage or similar, or any suggestions?

    Anyhow that's the general plan. Give us some feedback and we can take it from there.
  2. I am interested. More details please.
  3. Im interested :)


    Dont know anyone with a garage though :(
  4. I'll check with the wife on the plans this weekend(she's asleep right now), but think I'm totally clear, so you'll be welcome to use my garage.

    Two bikes and a bbq I found live in it at the moment :)

    Live out in Cremorne.
  5. There isn't any big plan for the day - basically just get a few guys together, new guys get to practice some basic servicing - oil/filter change, air filter clean, chain perhaps, carb cleaning/balancing/tuning, valve clearances etc - with a few more experienced guys to help out.

    I'd probably aim for a morning start (10-11am perhaps?) and go for a ride at the end for those interested (with their nicely tuned bikes ;) ).
  6. You can wash my bike and show people how to clean it.
    Lube the chain ,lube the clutch cables ect.

    I got all the washing stuff and chain lube ect ,but need a garage .

  7. i would be interested as i will be doing a valve lash and carb tune/balance soon.

    just set a date and venue

  8. The best I can do is a carport, but it isn't the biggest. Can fit maybe 3-4 bikes under it (leaving room to be worked on). I can take a picture and we can judge if it's suitable?

    Right now however, I have to go to work.
  9. That doesn't sound too bad! Is it possible to overflow into a driveway? :p
  10. All cool to use my place if you want.

    My garage holds 4 bikes, and outside there's enough room for a bunch more. The driveway is flat and at one end rarely used.

    Apartment building, but we have seperate LUG's.

    PM if ya want to use it. Plus I've also got most of the tools already there.
  11. I'd also be very interested in this. Sunday sounds great. Just let us know where and when, and what to bring (ie tools, manuals, beer, etc).

  12. My opinion is if you can't work out how to do a job like valve clearances from reading the manual, then you probably shouldn't be doing it in the first place.
    Checking valve clearances and messing with carbs is far from minor servicing and my suspicion is that most people that attempt these kinds of procedures will cause more harm than good.
  13. I looked where cremorne and dulwich hill are. I'm definitely out if its in cremorne. i'd consider if in dulwich hill.

    I've had some service days for cars before in western Syd (Toongabbie) where we have room to work on about 6 cars (probably 10+ bikes) in carport/driveway/garage areas and quiet culdesac for test driving (Carport and garage could hold 6+ if its raining).

    Fairly easy to find if you can read a street directory. Easy access to M2, M4, GWH, etc

    BBQ avail + fridge in the garage.
  14. ...Toongabbie is perfect for me...I live there... ;-)
  15. Sunday is available.
    BBQ, fridge and some tools can be provided.

    Theres a short list of conditions if you want to have it here, but nothing unreasonable...

    1) Byo meat for BBQ and drinks for fridge. i'm too poor to shout yas all.

    2) need to have tarps down so that oil doesn't get all over the ground everywhere. I only have a couple so may need some people to bring one.

    3) you have to put up with my dads waffle. He used to ride a trials bike and longs for teh good old days.

    Don't have bike stands so this is also Byo
  16. Got Maple Syrup for the waffles?? :grin:

    Sorry guys gonna have to count me out, the Hyo is going in for some *gasp* warranty work. Warranty work on a Hyosung? Who'dve thunk it eh. :wink:
  17. ...Androo, it looks like we have a few offers for the day. If we can please decide on a location, then we can get down to the nitty gritty of who is coming, what we need to bring, what time, etc. I think we have enough interest to warrant this day.

  18. I'll leave that decision to Haggismaen - I'm flexible for the location :)

    Harte's offer sounds good too (albeit rather far). Especially if we have more than can fit in the carport...
  19. I don't think we'll get more than we can fit under cover. I don't think anone here will have as much under cover space unless they live in a small warehouse :p anyway it only matters if it rains.

    Distance is relative to who's coming. If all the interested are towards the city then yes its quite a ride but the motorways come within a few Ks so it shouldn't be a tough ask.

    I know I wouldn't go to the city for a workshop day but thats only cos i'm a learner and can't go >80 and am still scared of riding in heavy traffic.

    Could put the bike on trailor and tow it out there i suppose...

    Cheers Trev
  20. I prefer Toonggabie. But would go other places as well.

    What's the final location guys?