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[SYD] South Bike Ride, Sat 14th Jan - Newbies welcome!

Discussion in 'NSW' started by skydivebrads, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Righto....since myself and others are new to the bike scene, the idea has been thrown around to arrange a ride down Sydney's South through the National Park and the new bridge towards the 'gong.

    Anyone is welcome as it should be a pretty easy ride to accomodate the Learners, like me :D

    When: Sat 14th Jan
    Time: 9am
    Where: Meet at Loftus Oval

    Let us know if anyone is keen.......hopefully see you then!!!

  2. ill come if i have a bike then, i should have sold my bike by the 14th and if im lucky i will hopefully be getting something along the lines of a another VTR with a bit of extra poke or maybe a 600 anything :LOL: have to see what happens time frame wise, Santa wise and money wise :?
  3. Day after my birthday.

    Myself and the crew will be on houseboat on the hawkesbury river (after I do half a dozen laps of the old road on the Friday :) )
  4. Im in for this ride ,and im near parramatta ,so we can meet some where or the 7-11 bankstown airport ,do the heathcote road on to loftus ,not sure on the time it will take from meeting befor ,to be to lofus at that meeting time of 9am.
    Maybe meet a 7.45am leave at 8am >,loftus 9am?
    Just and idea ,im not sure if this is really the long way to get there or ?
  5. The coast road from stanwell tops (exit of the National Park on the Wollongong side) right down to thirroul along the coast road is TWISTY. You can count me in on the ride. I have been meaning to do the national park for awhile.
  6. Can it be done the weekend after, or on Sunday? My old man might be leaving the country on the day (or sunday)- we'll see how it goes anyway.
  7. I'll try to be back in Sydney for it. Am keen to meet some new riders like myself.
  8. i'm in for this if the weather is ok - i've never done the RNP :twisted:

    if anyone else will be coming from the city, let me know - we can meet up beforehand :)
  9. Josh, I'll be riding down from Alexandria if I'm in town. Am going to be out of net contact for a week or so, will pm my moby.
  10. Keep the Hornet in the loop, please!
  11. Sounds like a plan, I'll be there.
  12. Sounds good, I'll be there if I am well by then, I have some issues with my back but I guess I could swallow some pain killers to get me through if it comes to that :grin:
  13. im working Saturday morning but i should be able to catch up with you at Stanwell park :grin:
  14. Sorry team can't make it. Have to pick up the family from their holiday in Brisvegas (they all stayed an extra two weeks while I came back to Sydney to pay for it!!). I'll keep an eye out as I am keen to do a few rides in Sydney as my confidence levels are rising ... fast!
  15. Bugger i'll miss this one, but all you Sydney riders can look forward to a few rides in the later half of Jan and most of Feb.
    Me and 'nicole' ( my VTR :) ) are going to be up staying in Padstow for at least 6 weeks, and I do intend to reaquiant myself with Natio/Blue Mountains etc etc while im up there. ( been 10 odd years since I rode around up there )

    :) :twisted: :)
  16. That'll be great Bob, and make sure you come down and do the Macquarie Pass / Kangaroo Valley loop too. PM me for my mobile if you don't have it already and I'll show you the sights...
  17. out for this one - i have to work :?
  18. Would have loved to come along but I'm afraid I'm working, at least my roster is being changed soon so I have one weekend off a month.

    Hate work sometimes :(