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Syd: Short stay accomodation, January 2010

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by blaringmike, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Just thought I'd throw it out there. Me and some friends are going up to the Big Day Out in Sydney in January and are looking for a place to rent short term. There will be 6-8 of us. Don't mind sharing beds or sleeping on the floor.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of somewhere to look. Or recommend anywhere. It would be for a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday night. Or if you have anything you can rent out send me a PM.

    Just looking for somewhere clean and near the city, or a direct train ride there.

  2. any yha woud probably be a winner, there are a few hostel's within few minutes walk from central station. heaps of accom in the city as well, just depends on your budget. or just sleep in hyde park.
  3. Looking for something a little nicer then a YHA. Would really like a house, but it's difficult to find somthing on short term lease.
  4. You thought about a motel? If i had the room to accomodate that many you guys could crash at mine but 6-8 is alot of people in my little house! :LOL:

    Let us know when you're in sydney though, you guys will be hitting the city up on the other nights ey? I'd be up for getting pissed with some fellow netriders! bahaha
  5. use wotif.com

    if you book the mystery room you can usually get it for under $100 per night. Catch obviously being you dont know where you are staying (they will state it is in the cbd or wherever though).
  6. Found a dodgey looking hotel in the city that can squeeze 6 into a room.

    If I remember I'll let you know. No idea what the plans are yet.