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[Syd] Shame self-promotion - Six Pocket Theory

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. [img:428:42:e58892f49e]http://www.sixpockettheory.com.au/images/sptlogo.gif[/img:e58892f49e]

    Yo dudes, just doing a bit of shameless self-promotion for my band Six Pocket Theory.

    We've got a couple of gigs coming up and I thought I'd invite all my Netrider buddies along. :cool:

    The first show:
    When: Saturday the 15th of April (Easter Saturday) 2006
    Where: The Harp Irish Hotel, 900 Princes Highway Tempe
    Who With: Seneki, Mind Expansion Kit & The Bryce Jacobs Band
    How Much: $8.00 at the door

    The Second Show:
    When: Saturday the 29th of April 2006
    Where: The Hornsby Inn, Cnr Hunter & Burdett Sts, Hornsby
    Who With: Not sure, it's a band competition
    How Much: The best part... Absolutely FREE!

    Anyhoo, my bands' website is http://www.sixpockettheory.com.au if you want to find out more about us or the gigs.

    Thanks for your time, hope to see all you Sydney Netriders at a gig soon.

    Cheers. :grin: