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[SYD] Servos who stock pure 91 octane?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by toadcat, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. My bike is designed for 91 octane but it's getting difficult to find a servo which sells just the pure 91 as most have replaced it with E10.

    The only places I know of are the Berowra Mobil and the Frenchs Forest Mobil..

    Anyone know other places, preferably on the North?

    (Please lets not turn this into an octane debate, it has been done over a million times)
  2. I'd say your bike would be safe with 95 octane
  3. i'm south and a lot of independants stock 91, try them
  4. I thought it was mandated that 91RON had to be E10 in NSW ??
  5. my ER-5 didn't like the 95. only the 91. and the e10 was not allowed (ie, would kill my bike)
  6. Most up here that have E10 still have 91, except for a few shell and mobil. All the BPs ive been to carry both.
  7. From http://www.mynrma.com.au/motoring/car-care/fuel-types.htm :

    "E10 (10 per cent ethanol in ULP) blends are now widespread and have replaced ULP in many service stations. The NSW Government has legislated to require a volume of ethanol to be sold equivalent to 4 per cent of all petrol sold until July 2011, and 6 per cent by July 2012.

    From July 2012 all standard unleaded petrol must contain 10 per cent ethanol."

    So, I'm 12 months ahead of myself. Strange, my wife reckons I'm usually at least a couple of decades late...

    If your bike runs well on straight 91RON now, you may have to find an alternative by this time next year....
  8. It's probably only a short time before those mobil servo's turn into 7/11. Whether they will stock 91 after that remains to be seen.

    I don't understand the hysteria behind e10. If it doesn't noticeably damage car engines, why should it damage bike engines?
  9. do you run your bike on it?
  10. I have a few times, normally when there is no other option. Experimentation with it when in the car suggests regular 91 gives slightly more power and better economy, so I prefer to use that whenever possible. In fact, the better economy of 91 I think more than compensates for the price difference.
  11. i used it once, as i had no other option - my bike then required a full tank flush, new petrol and new petrol filter.

    my mechanic then told me never to use it again (and i won't - only did as they had nothing else at the servo)
  12. Sounds more like proper dodgy fuel would cause that rather than standard e10, I'd be saying stay away from that servo if nothing else. There was a guy on these forums who had been using e10 consistently in his vfr without issue, would be well over 100k by now.
  13. Checked my manual and my bike has no issue using the 10% ethanol blend, happy days
  14. Unsure whether or not my bike would be able to use it, and it seems to run better on 91 than other fuels
  15. It was supposed to be phased out on 01/07/11 but there is not enough supply of ethanol at the moment and so the government delayed it. So you were right.