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[Syd] Service Day 1st May

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Service day held at
    10am till late
    97b Dunheved Cct St Marys
    (do not get this confused with Dunheved Rd St Marys)

    Bring Yourself, tools, your bike and food/drink/donation to the barbaque fund

    Will be doing general servicing carb cleans, carb balances, valve clearances (screw type), oil changes, maybe even some fork oil changes if someone can bring a good quilty rattle gun and some hex bits (mine is shite)

    Will have some tools avalible if you dont have any

    contact 0410135095 if u get lost
  2. wow finaly someone is Sydney is doing 1 of these, been a bloody long time, whats your experience with bike mechanics champ?
  3. run a bike panel shop,
    no expert but there will be plenty of others on hand lots of cbr 2fities
  4. good stuff bloke, and what time are you thinking of doing this, as we have learner sessions on Saturdays 1pm, could probably bring all the learners with me if your thinking of doing it in the afternoon
  5. My bike is pretty much up to date with its servicing, but I'd come along just to meet people and learn anyway. Although I think I have some manner of animal suit daytime drunkenness planned for that day. We shall see.

    Either way, this is damned generous of you.
  6. Forgot to mention theres a race track (sorta)
  7. Peaking interest...
  8. I'd be interested in learning how to change oil and how to get the tank off etc...
  9. yea im intrested, my bike just needs a clean of the front break pads, and a shampoo and clean, would be good if we were able to get some girls in bikinis to do that for us .......:)

    think i should make it, see how i go with the progress of my essays and assignments, got 3 major essays due on the 16th, all the same day, let u know closer to the date and the amount of progress done this week.

    on a serious note, if we just came for a bike wash, i assume u got shampoo and buckets all there, just need to bring ur own chammy and sponge? u got some wd40 to share around as well as some metal polish for the exhaust as well?, it doesnt matter i should be able to bring all of that + a 6 pack :) (not bringing buckets though :p)

    if ur carbs need a clean we just need to bring a can of carb cleaner?

    sounds like a good day, hope this day will inspire me to make progress on my uni work :)
  10. lol bring your own shampoo i never use any
    do have a water blaster thou
    and the more booze the better

    and lower case thats all pretty easy, just go to any bike shop get what u need and come down.
  11. no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy we so wanna gooooooooooooooo
    but we can't make the 1st...
    awwww dang nam it...
  12. whats the earliest time to get there i got work at 6 (have to leave by 430)

    looking at the work i want done to the bike includes new jetkit for the carbs and syning the carbs, do you have the carb syncing equipment and a 45 degree screwdriver?

    edit:btw goz post the photoshoot and what day ur proposing for it ;)
  13. I know I wana do an oil change, dont know what else bikes need done lol

    Its at 13000kms and had a dealler service at 10, what should I bring?
  14. Ill be there from about 9-10 if you have a clue about what ur doing u should be fine time wise. there be plenty of people to help if u don't
    There will be plenty of carb synching equipment, i cant have any 45 degress screwdrivers ive never had to use them.
  15. Make sure ur bike is still not under warranty,
    Bring oil, oil filter, metric spanner and alan key set screwdrivers (if u have any)
    maybe check your brake pads and bring some break fluid if u to change the brake oil.

    u can check your logbook to what needs to be done.
  16. i can't come :(

    i have to do sh!t around home and the such... i will DEFINITELY come to the next one. Sorry :(

  17. Bikes have log books? how come I don't have one?
  18. Hmmm, might be worthwhile. I need to adjust and lube my chain before Sunday ride day.

    Been quite a while between NR garage days for me. My last one I hosted while I was still a learner.
    Long way from unsure how to tune carbs to ripping my gixxer motor apart...

    Tentative tho, my plans always change last minute.
  19. last couple of things before i head off to bed, the amount of work to get out the carbs is at least hours, bloody modern bikes so much crap u have to remove to get to them, so yea, hope you got an internet connection there as well, (please please pleease!), yea ill bring some hex keys and the screw driver hex key set as well.

    last few questions, you got a circlip set, cable ties and coolant there as well?

    forecast is a good day ill see u there nice and early;)

    thanks again, mighty generous of you to host
  20. if all goes well, should be a few of us at 3pm