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[SYD] Scooter rider on the wrong side of the road

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by matressking, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. was turning right onto elizabeth st from macquarie st, about to head out east.

    the two lanes who were stopped to my right were full of traffic and as i pulled away from the lights and turned right around a scooter came flying up the outside and I would have nailed him if it wasnt for a very quick countersteer. i may have taken the corner a bit sharp and would have seen him sooner had i been slower off the line but you dont expect something to be accelerating straight at you on the wrong side of the road.

    you could see him shit himself and he had a good few cars let him know what a tool he was being
  2. i'm confused? you were turning right and there were two lanes to YOUR right going right also?

    he sounds like a d!ckhead either way
  3. sorry the traffic i was referring to was stopped at the red light on the street i was turning onto.

    like this:

  4. hahahaha classic
  5. :rofl: mattressking I love you! Hilarious! Classic! :rofl:

    he DOES look like a d!ckhead doesn't he!? i was incredibly right :D :rofl:
  6. that an epic diagram. so much win.
  7. i hope he gets what's coming to him... that's pathetic riding form and dangerous to the point of wishing for a fatality
  8. was this during peak hour?

    hahah epic flying penis
  9. Epic win on the diagram!!
  10. nah it was at like 8 PM or something but still, no excuse.
  11. The diagram:
  12. On the subject of scooters, why does this particular group seem to have a lack of riding ability? Don't they do the same training as motorbike riders anyhow?

    Only saying as I have been noticing a lot of hopeless cases on vespas that do stupid things in traffic or take up waaay too much space when they park in motorbike spots (farking make room or i'll shift your POS!!! :X)
  13. yea i dunno. i see plenty of dickheads on 2 wheels. scooter or not.
  14. they just graduated from riding a pushbike
  15. nope, can't be. some push-bike riders are excellent riders. most scooter-riders buy one for style - latte's, neck scarves, skinny jeans, sparkly top, long gloves and a miniture dog for the handbag.
  16. Beyond just stereotypes though, I do keep wondering about scooters. They're so easy to ride, I just can't figure out why I see all the wobbling and clumsiness?

    Forgiveable on a motorbike because they weight a lot more, but on a 50cc scoot?
  17. thats backward. A heavier motorbike will wobble a lot less. Also the much smaller wheels on a scoot would also contribute to wobliness: they have a much lower gyroscopic effect than bigger motorbike wheels and a small pothole may as well be a mine shaft as far as those things are concerned.
  18. I meant at low speed, like splitting through traffic in the city. But I get what you mean.
  19. Rode a vespa once. Absolute piece of piss to ride, and kinda fun to boot.

    I reckon one of the main problems is small wheels and low tire pressures. Some of them seem to be really struggling to corner.
  20. I saw a motorised bicycle do this this afternoon during peak hour in Marrickville on a main road. Thankfully I was a passenger in someone elses car, so not my problem.