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[SYD]saturday coffee sat 5th may .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chickibabe, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi guy's
    Just wondering if anyone is interested ingetting together for a Saturday afternoon-night coffee meet in western sydney. I can never get to the mid week one. :cry:
    So is there any interest out there? :)


    Mean Fiddler
    Sat 5th may 2006
    Hope to make this a on going thing guys so please come.

    I've had to add this here because mods deleted out of events. :evil:
  2. i don't drink coffee...
    so i'll order a hot chocolate, or a mocha. where abouts in WSyd?
    really depends on the time aswell...
  3. I would have thought that being a Saturday you would be pusing for numbers, but then I saw that you are of the female persuasion lol :LOL:
  4. ooo thats gonna be abit weird, only 2 NR and 1 of them is a female... :shock: lolz
    still, i really need 2 show off my ride.
  5. yeah gota put a few ks on the bike to get the rust outa th engine. where abouts city? parra?
  6. Count me in, just give me a date, time and place, if i'm not riding somewhere i'l be there.


  7. hmmmm, Lou
    . . . . . you organise it, they will come !
  8. If im not working I be their, where in the "greater" west?.
  9. Lou & I discussed this when we were away. We reckon Saturday night coffee is a great idea. We then shouldn't have any trouble with the venues closing early either. For those who havent been to a coffee night in Melbourne, they are a great social event. Now we just need to find a venue that sorta suits everyone, well most people. hmmmmm Ideas?? :-k
  10. my generic answer is pancakes in northmead. close to me, have ok coffee and of course, pancakes
  11. I say Newport Arms :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Sorry ezer ,but I think it was and is the worst spot and can cost $30 .
    Reason being is you tend to need to "eat" and you sit in the one spot ,your not really free to float around and chat to everyone and just catch up with people and chat and have a beer-coffee -coke .........

    Spots "like" pubs or cafes ,you get a drink or snack and stand around and chat ,all restaurants where you sit in the one spots arn't really social ,you end up talking to the same 4 people at your end of the table,you can't stand around in a group as your in the walk ways and other non rider people are trying to eat, if you get my drift.
    The best spot was the Homebush bay hotel ,you could get a meal if you wanted or just a drink and then walk around the beer garden chating to everyone , the bikes were 5 meters away and you could see what everyones riding ,see if there got a L or P plate and ,you might be on your L's and you got some thing to talk about ,being there bike or how long their been riding and how your going with the whole bike thing and sit on everyones bike.
    It's a million times more social .

    Jusy my 1c.
  13. Maybe it be time for a pub meet.
  14. Or perhaps a 'leave your bike at home' pub night :twisted: :grin:
  15. Would be great if the chosen venue was close to public transport...
    As long as its not too far out west, im up for it.
  16. if you guys do this next saturday night i will be up for it :grin: be good to meet more of you syd folk while i'm up there
  17. Exactly.
    I vote for Minx.

    Or we head en-masse to a pub and go nuts.

    Leave the bike, or park it at someone's place. Easy.
  18. that defeats the purpose of showing off ur pride n joy... :(
    bah, this "coffee" thing is turning into a pub crawl, lolz
  19. Lou and I have been planning.
    Looks like its going to be Windsor.
    And get this mini-moto thing going at Butterfly farm ! :LOL:
  20. I'm thinking towards the woolshed. Any thoughts you guys, or somewhere out at richmond. Any suggestions

    Cheers Lou
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