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[SYD] Road Warriors Cafe shut down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by goz, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Starting this here to take it away from the politics thread

    So yeah, goodbye Road Warriors, BUT, i hear there is a new joint being purpose built up the road somewhere by the previous business owner, not building owner
  2. Sad to hear mate !
    Luckily, though, I had a chance to 'cruise' up that road (just a few times, promise...) and visit both that and Pie In The Sky...
    Hope the new business prospers and is welcomed by the many who visits those parts...
  3. as long as he builds a mans castle to do a shit, i hated those portaloos
  4. Hahaha !
    That would be a better selling point... :D
  5. U know that RW had proper shithouses! They just weren't allowed to let people use them due to some political bullshit.

    But yeh very sad :( the place hasn't been the same since the property owner forced max out by doubling up the rent. I boycotted the new place for ages but started going again, it was never the same though.
  6. I was dissapointed when they got rid of the motorcycle fork stools at Road Warriors...How good were those!

    PITS were doing a roaring trade on Sunday morning...chockers.
  7. Damn, not ride for 2 weeks and look what happens!
    When did this most recent closure happen, and does anyone know the story behind it? I was under the impression that another new business owner had taken over, but I guess this went pear shaped?
  8. The motorcycle stools were the only good thing about the old RW. The prices were too high, and the quality was too low. Let's hope somebody does something a little better.
  9. Stopped there for a breather on Saturday. There's a sign on the front door saying "Closed for renovations" and someone was mowing the lawns.

    Wonder what they'll put in.
  10. Excuse my ignorance (I'm new around here), but where was the cafe exactly?
  11. It's the old Mount White Roadhouse on the Old Pacific Highway, north of the Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney....

    It's had more comebacks than Melba......

    Funnily, Road Warriors, which was mainly frequented by motorcyclists, has always struggled for financial viability.

    Pie in the Sky, which is mainly frequented by cyclists, is doing just fine.

    Does this mean that motorcyclists are cheapskates :LOL:?
  12. (-33.459337, 151.194041)
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  13. Not necessarily, but they do require fewer calories. I remember a case in the UK when a cafe owner complained to his local cycling club that every time they stopped at his place, all the sugar would disappear :D.
  14. I did notice skyburger is also shut. Maybe that war contributed to rw demise as well.