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[SYD] Riding Gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by loopz, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Hey,

    Im new to the road bike scene and im after some riding gear.

    I was wondering where to get some good gear from at good prices. Im located in the suburb of strathfield and having owned a dirt bike for many years I alway get mt gear from MCA Parramatta Ichecked out the road bike shop but i was wondering if there are any other places where to get gear from.

    Any advice will help and will be greatly appreciated

    Cheers Anthony
  2. Hi loopz , welcome . I'm down in Mexico so i'm no help with gear around your area .
  3. This list is assuming you are ok to travel a bit.

    There is action at parramatta and city. Supposedly they are ok for gear but shit for servicing and buying bikes from. MCAS in parra and the city. Sydney city motorcycles are at kogarah and lane cove. Good range, good service, but expensive. MAW out in the hills, they are meant to be really good, and throttle stop at berowra if you are up the old road.

  4. Also, if you're comfortable buying off the 'Net, www.gobike.com.au
    I wouldn't buy clothes or helmets off the 'Net, without being able to try on first, however.
  5. Gear in Sydney

    you could check out the Underdog Leathers range that Ed has to offer up at the Mt White Cafe on the old pacific highway.

    Even if you dont like what you see, its a good ride up there.


    Leg rooter
    AKA underooter
    AKA underweasel
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  6. Thats why its good to try stuff on in somewhere like MCAS and then buy the same online. You will save a fair bit doing that. Also, check out eBay stores as US products are even cheaper still.
  7. ^ yep, what he said.

    i went to sydneycitymotorcycles in kogarah and tried out the joe rocket 'hard drive' boot. love it but the price was $450. they were willing to do it for $400. mind you recommended retail as suggested by joe rocket is $399 for this boot. needless to say i didn't buy from here. am buying it from the states, getting it shipped(free delivery) to a friend of mine in cali and she'll send it on over.

    saved money doing it this way.
  8. Thanks

    All the advice helps I will take it into consideration. I was also thinking of that from buying of the net there are a few sites i have seen that seem real cheap.

    Keep posting if you can be any help