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[SYD RIDERS] - Toll on Harbour Bridge

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by james.leo, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. HINT - ride as close as you can to the right hand side of the lane you go through, you may find there won't be a flash if you know where i am going with this thread. Give it a go !!! :dance:

  2. or just buy a $91 qtrly pass for unlimited crossing on the bridge and tunnel.....like i do

    NB, this works though on the M2
  3. thanks for the info
  4. I remember an old thread in which people swore there was a spot in a certain lane that didnt pick you up.
  5. Or... swerve like dodging road kill at point of exist!
  6. I've watched people change lanes at EACH and every overhead section on melbournes toll roads, so that their number plate is on the lane divider...

    Im guessing that does the same thing.
  7. While sitting on the train i've seen most bikers usally get flashed, is that because they're pulling a dodgey?
  8. No thats because they travel in the middle of the lane when the sensors are in the ground, as stated if you travel to the far right of the lane when you go through the booth, guarantee you wont get flashed.
  9. Where did you get this $91 qty pass? Thanks.
  10. They could have the plate linked to their tag. The Toll is automatically deducted.
  11. the $91 pass is available from certain RTA's. i know its available from the manly RTA ( my local ) and the york st RTA in the city. there are a couple of others but i am not sure which.

    they pro-rata them if you buy them into the qtr. pls note, call the 131 865 number and tell them you've bought it ( they are the e-toll people ). i bought the qtrly pass and the guy in the RTA said he would update it with them for me. stupidly i took him at his word. 2 weeks into the qtr i looked up my account and saw they had been debiting me every time i crossed the bridge and had not applied the exemption like they normally do. it turns out my application for this sat in his in tray for awhile and he never sent it to them, hence them charging me as if i didn't have a pass. even getting the refund back was a struggle! so ring them and tell them you have it and fax it through to them.

    re: the OP, the problem with this sort of posting is that it's publicly out there now. the RTA might try and fix this.....:LOL:
  12. thanks for the information mate! i am quite sure the RTA are already aware of this happening, but if they are anything like the TAX office nothing will get done about it. The post was intended for advice only, people have the choice to either give it a go or stick to the rules, but i like to take risks and thought it would be a kind thing to do and share it with others who agree paying the stupid toll on the bridge suxs ! Manly too, local sweet hit me up for a ride something mate.
  13. Guess i'll post it here:

    I don't ride across the bridge frequently. In fact rarely. Toll roads, I have no need for, luckily.

    How does an infrequent traveler of the bridge pay for it's use?
  14. they would still want you to have an etag account. you register, link in your licence plate to the tag and never carry it. if you do ever cross they photo your licence plate then link into your e-tag and e-toll account. they do have an infrequent user account.

    the only problem with all this is they want a $40 deposit for the tag, and an initial debit of $40 for the usage to come. at least thats the way the RTA does it. there are private operators who also offer a tag to use.

    ps, eventually they will want to barcode all of us at this rate

  15. This is a bit strange, the RTA guys at 131 865 know nothing about it and the website doesnt mention it at all. Any more info? are there forms at the york st RTA or do you have to ask for it?
  16. fark paying 40bucks for something i don't use.

    does one still have to pay going to nth syd? if i recall, correctly or not, back when it was still accepting coins, you could travel one way without paying, however coming back you had to pay...is this still the case?

  17. yes only 1 way, coming into the city
  18. i'd been trying this all last week thinking i wouldn't pay for another qtrly pass. each day i'd cross as suggested in the far right of the lane then checked my etag statement each day. nothing showed up, i thought you beauty.

    then i went into the rta for something else and they told me my etag was still toll exempt from the last pass i bought. ( they'd forgot to turn the "free" status off. :LOL: ). so it was still picking me up perhaps but not charging me because i bought last qtrs pass. :LOL:

    whilst there i just bought another pass.....my conscience is clear now :LOL:
  19. bahahahaha!!!!!!!!

    so at least you did think it was a good idea otherwise you would not have tried it lol, i dont feel guilty one bit for not paying a toll to use a piece of road which has already paid itself off numerous times.
  20. fair enough gixxer! :LOL:

    i'm going to heaven, you're going to hell!

    re: the pass, you can only get it at certain RTA's. york st for sure, manly also.

    to speak to someone via phone look up the e-tag people and ring them...