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[SYD] Riders that park under harbour bridge - all booked!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by synrgy, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Riders that park under harbour bridge on clarence st, just a heads up, youve all been booked. I went past on my lunch break and saw all the bikes with tickets on them!!!

  2. Why they don't open up more street parking in Sydney for motorbikes is absolutely beyond me - or just go Melbourne style with the foot path parking. I really cannot understand why we're so backwards. They've actually removed a significant amount of parking in Sydney's CBD recently! (referring to King St & Clarence St, Nth of King St)

    You used to be able to park on Rowe St (off of Pitt, beside Vault Bar), a little laneway, undisturbed. It blocked nobody's way and it was something to look at with 4-5 bikes parked flush up against the wall. Then one day they just started getting booked! What the hell! I understand it's against the law but it doesn't mean the law isn't stupid.
  3. Yep just saw that myself. Not very nice at all.
  4. (1) I read the council minutes last night and they're pushing ahead with additional street parking for motorcycles.
    (2) Melbourne's footpaths are w i d e - pretty much double the width of the footpaths in Sydney CBD. There's no comparison.
    (3) The motorcycle parking plan is about to re-enter discussion now that the public-comments phase is over.
  5. melbourne or sydney or both?
  6. Sorry brownyy, I should have been more specific (though this is a SYD thread) - Sydney CBD's motorcycle parking plan and the Sydney city council meeting minutes.
  7. how can a bike be booked for parking on a footpath ? that is beyond me unless you are blocking pedestrians ?
  8. In NSW and some other states it is illegal to park bikes on the footpath
  9. buggar.... that silly IMO but hopefully they change the rule to one like ours...
  10. See above - on average NSW footpaths are about half the width of Melbourne's ones. It just wouldn't work here, sadly. If I parked my Tiger Elizabeth St shop style, it'd block the entire width of the footpath. Even if I parked it parallel to the kerb it'd block at least 1/3 of the footpath.

    (Interestingly, we can park inside the building line (ie: on private property).... Provided we have permission from the building owner, of course)

    Instead the Sydney city council is looking at other ways to give motorcycles and scooters an advantage in parking - more designated parking areas, and depending on how the Sydney motorcycle/scooter parking plan survives the upcoming review, free parking in paid parking bays, etc.
  11. i cant believe that....

    they have all been parking there for years... thats fucked up
  12. clover moore has told parking rangers not to book bikes parked on the footpath..unless blocking pedestrians..
  13. could it be that they've just slipped another bit of pro bike propaganda onto those bikes in question?

    they did the same thing last time they wanted to inform people about their renewed interests in motorcycles.

    If i got an actual ticket in this case, i'd be contesting it in writing, citing as many sources as possible regarding the parking situation in the city and why the fine should be revoked. send the letter to clover moore's office as well so that they know exactly whats happening on the street.
  14. Huh, i did that today as i went to get my hair cut. No parking whatsever, and the footpath i parked it on could fit a car if you want. I dont see nothing wrong with it. I do it at the beach too when i go for a swim.
  15. Well my ticket today only said it was a warning. I'm guessing it was the same for everyone else there.
  16. Move down here to Mexico where the the living is easy & the bike parking is free!
  17. 1) Pushing ahead how?
    2) Yeah but in Melbourne, you can only park where it would not obscure pedestrian thoroughfare. There are definitely points around the city where there is little or no thoroughfare, that we cannot utilise due to NSW law.
    3) The process is just way to cumbersome imo for something that should not be all that difficult. I'm not living in the clouds here, but common sense says the only thing holding back the rollout of new laws for motorcycle parking is the fact it's being done by public servants. No offense. /flame suit on. :grin:
  18. illegal or not,i'd rather have a parking fine than to have some idiot car driver back over my bike..

    i always park on the footpath.and never been fined..
  19. nice to hear it was just a warning ticket.

    that's rather nice of them.