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[Syd] Ride to Northern Beaches, Sat 29th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Yo dudes,

    Seeing as how I finally got my SRX running, thought I'd celebrate by going on a bit of a blat from Hornsby down Mona Vale Rd to the beaches for lunch, maybe at the Newport Arms.

    Prolly meet mid-morning in Hornsby somewhere, prolly on Saturday, depending on who replies and who wants to come along....

    So who's keen??
  2. So no-one wants to come for a ride with me eh?

    Well anyway, anyone that's interested we're going down to the northern beaches this saturday morning about 11.00am.

    The aim being to be at the Newport Arms for lunchtime. I'm gonna get the Barbeque Seafood Platter....Ooooh yeah!!

    Anyhoo if you're interested, send me PM and I'll let you know specifics...
  3. Why not post it here and in the calendar?
  4. Sorry Jase, forgot about the calendar. Adding it now.

    Doesn't seem much point though, no-one in Sydney seems to want to go for a ride...
  5. Experience tells me you have to make it easy .. give all the info (place, time, etc.) and a weeks or so notice so that people see it :) A ride report so that those that didn't come see what they missed out on, and a little bit of time to build a general understanding that they (the rides) happen :)
  6. I am always keen for a ride, but I am not confident enough yet to tag along with other experienced riders (concerning speed and corner and other skills etc.) :roll:

    I have only got my L for 3 weeks and my 1st bike for less than 2 weeks... still getting used to the bike, the road, and the traffic.

    I hope I can go out for a group ride soon which requires minimum baby-sitting me :oops:
  7. pete, mate. we have the same name! fancy putting it forward a week? still got this bastard HSC going until the 3rd. and how are you for any day of the week? i cant do the 5th but i should be able to do the 6th which is a sunday. oh and we can't go into pubs unless youre my "legal guardian" :LOL: :LOL: stupid underagedness :oops: :cry: