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[Syd] Ride to Headlands Hotel, Sat 1st Apr

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Jaqhama, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Talk about last minute postings ....Lol :LOL:

    I am off tommorow (Sat 1/4/06) and going to ride thru National Park to Headlands Hotel for lunch.

    Anyone interested leave a message here.

    I'm thinking of a 11am meet up just before you enter the Royal National Park at the Sutherland end.

    You'll get to go over the new Bridge at Stanwell Tops.

    Headlands has great views, good food, but bring a sun hat, they seem to be lacking in umbrella shades on the outdoor tables.

    Cheers: Jaq.
    Aplogies for last minute post. :LOL:

  2. Talk about last minute, jaq, tomorrow's April 1, not March 31, or have you already been?? :p
  3. today is the 31st...I think you mean saturday april 1st....
    or is this ride an april fools joke to get everyone out of bed early??:p:p
  4. Sounds good ,see you there .
  5. Damn it! I'm off to Tabourie Lake tomorrow otherwise I'd join you. Have a good one :)
  6. :LOL: Ok, Ok, I've edited the date. :LOL:

    Sat 1/4/06

    When you work continual nite shift the days start to blur after a while. :roll:
  7. Come on anyone else ? ,im on my L's so i won't be going fast .

    Only 12 hours to go, now i can't sleep ,LMAO.
  8. Would be there with bells on....if I had a fully functional bike. Will get in on the next one. See you all at Homebush Bay otherwise. Have fun.
  9. BUGGA.


    Have a great ride guys, wish i could make it.
  10. If i wasn't working all day Saturday i would meet you guys!! I live about 15mins drive from headlands hotel so i know the area well.

    Bugger hey, maybe next time.

  11. @#*&$
    You keep doing this to me Jaq!
    Wish I could but I can't

    My bike is having it's PMS at the moment.
    Jaq suspects the carburetor's got some crap in it, so I'll try to pull it apart to clean it.... This would be a challenge and will take at least one full day! (and another full day to put it back together :LOL: )
    All I have is XR manual (there's no SL manual available anywhere).
    Housemate's away but I've got permission to his toolbox
    Mind you, this is my first DIY on any machine
    I am a risk taker :roll:
  12. Gevasco and Chrisse: I'm trying really hard to say nothing about the brand of bike you guys are riding.
    Imagine a completly innocent look on my face here. :LOL:

    Don't pull the carbie off Chrisse, just find that drain screw and let some petrol run out.

    You can pull the carbie off later if plan A fails mate.

    Always start with the simplest solution first.
  13. Yeah, yeah, yeah :wink: . It was actually a road trauma that caused my problems. Somehow had a small rock thrown up and sideways into the fan which then jammed and broke. I was also worried that it was a material defect but not so.
  14. I thought maybe the cause was that whine I heard when we were at Bondi (the fightclub) Beach mate. LOL.
  15. Right, I'm off to bed, I'll check this thread in the morning to see if anyone else has decided to join the circus.
  16. Reckon it was from some roadworks on the way back from Brisbane.
  17. ill come for the ride but i don't think i can stay around for lunch :? ..are u meeting in the car park at the soccer fields or on the actual turn off ?
  18. The soccer field car park will do mate, see you at 11.

    I'll be on a yellow Ducati. :cool:
  19. Damn just saw the post, and was looking to go for a ride, arr, I'll just go for a ride up to the mountains instead.
  20. AY AY SIR!

    Have a good ride.