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[Syd] Ride Report : 10/04/05

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. The Second Sydney Netrider Ride.

    Riders present:

    Pete The Freak
    Player One
    Nicola - pillion(non netrider)
    Graham - pillion(non netrider)
    Brad (non netrider)

    The 10th of April, Suday, beautiful day, temps in the mid to high 20's, not a cloud in sight and fantastic day for a ride.

    Met at Hornsby Train Station at 10.30 for 11.00 am kick off.

    We had 8 bike's, 2 with pillions for a total of 10 peeps.

    Took off right on 11am and subesquently lost half the ride in about 2 minutes. Everyone caught up again 5 minutes later and then it was off to Berowra for a quick fuel stop before heading down the legendary "Old Highway".

    Full of twists and turns, the "Old Highway" seperated the men from the Learners as the big bikes disappeared into the distance and the learners took the twisties at a more sensible pace. I think that we were overtaken by every other bike in NSW on that stretch of road.

    Got to Calga and found the fast guys waiting for us. Turns out they were only a couple of minutes ahead. Embarassment decreasing. :oops:

    Turned off the Highway at Calga and went up the Peats Ridge Rd towards Wollombi. Going pretty smoothly, we managed to keep mostly together, even in the 100k zones. L Plates? What are L Plates?

    Got to Culnura (no, I've never heard of it either) and discovered that it was annual fair day. Jeers to the dickhead in the car who thought it would be funny to pull out in front of 8 motorbikes. Cheers to the girl in the red dress! Leftleg, remember that the bike follows your head. :wink:

    Down the big hill into Wollombi was certainly an experience. 'Lemmings Corner' is a bloody scary name for a stretch of road, and it turns out it was a pretty scary stretch of road, so I guess the name was appropriate. We all got through alright and zoomed off.

    Last bit of interesting before we got to Wollombi was the little bridge. When a sign says 25kph while you're in an 80 zone, pay attention to it or you might find your testicles stuck in your nostrils.

    Got to the Wollombi Tavern (can't remember the time, maybe 1, 1.30), bikes everywhere, all shapes and sizes. The place was packed. We ordered lunch, how long does it take to kill a Mexican?

    Sat around for a couple of hours chewing the fat and laughing at my expense. Discovered there is a down side to taking your GF on a ride.

    Bailed out of there at about 3pm. Half of us stopped at a servo in the middle of nowhere, then caught up with the others a bit further on. Nice easy ride home, half of us went back up the highway (what happen to you guys? Get home alright?) and the rest of us took the soft option and jumped on the F3 at Calga for a fast, straight ride home.

    200km's in one day, my arse was sore.

    Fantastic day though. Not one off, not even a really close call.

    Let's do it again sometime.

  2. Guys,
    Glad you had a safe trip, very nice road for learning and just riding.

    That 25k corner is the one i didn't come out of :( the NX road/trail had its off road ability tested and came out of the rough drain upright.
    and yes the plastic posts do go flat when you hit them :)

    so who was revisiting their Mexican burger all the way home ? i think i can still smell it inside my helmet........

    look forward to the next ride, i'll be there.
  3. Yes it was a great ride. It took me another 3 hours to get home to Taree but that's usual for me. I hope the rest of you enjoyed your ride home. Here's a link to the photos I took:

    Sydney To Wollombi Ride
  4. A great ride report. Thanks Pete. Looks like it was a perfect day for riding.
  5. Well i went the works burger and even tho i made a bit of a mess hehe it was pretty nice :D

    I was feeling ok last night but i think after clocking up 275km yesterday then satying up last night to watch the motogp (thanks channel 10!!!) im struggling atm!! lol

    It was an awesome trip tho, and it was cool being able to cruise with some great people!!!! :D:D:D
  6. Oh yeah I forgot to tell the boys about the Mexican Burger story dog3oy.. I hope Jensen went alright.. I think it was him who ordered the Mexican..
  7. Pete, the turn off at Calga was on Peats Ridge Road. The Putty Road runs south from Singleton to Windsor, and is another excellent ride. BTW I took my time posting the photos because I got the greeting I was hoping for when I got home. (I didn't mention the woman in the red dress).

    To those of you who felt sore and tired after the ride - get more hours in, youe get used to it. Anything under 2 hours riding is a short trip for me these days.
  8. Cool pics michael.
    - So she cooked you dinner? or something else.. hehe
    - Glad you got home alright.
  9. missed this one :( hopefully there will be anothr very soon!
  10. I am gutted I missed the second one! Looks like it was a great one as well. Looks like the Sydney wing of Netrider is growing. Roll on ride number 3!
  11. Dinner AND something else!
  12. hey guys, nice to meet all of yall. What a perfect day for ride.
    (now how many of you got sunburnt sitting in the sun over lunch!! :LOL:

    Pete thats a prettty good description there dude! (u must have been writing down notes to remember all that! well done :D

    (BTW, we were gonna do the old rd. back to sydney, but we decided not to cos one of the guys was low of fuel and we were pretty buggered and didnt want to come undone in the twisties!!... so we turned around and took the freeway :D )

    hope to catch up with everyone on the next rideout! :)
  13. Well I have only had my bike for a week, and the ride yesterday pretty much doubled the amount of k's i'd done on it so far!!! lol

    btw thanks for the pics!! :D
  14. Yeah sorry, Peats Ridge Rd, not Putty Rd.

    Oh, and Jensen had the Mexican Burger. He coped alright, got a pretty strong stomach that boy has.

    I'll post the few piccies I took tomorrow...

    Looking forward to the next one, hope to get a few more peeps along.

    Let's not go quite so far next time, eh? :p
  15. Now where is the fun in that hey?? As leftleg said its just a matter of getting used to it, and even if it all becomes to hard for our soft little arses we could always just go out n get one of those nice little sheep skin seat covers :p
  16. Set yourslf a challenge. See if you can make every ride longer than the last.
  17. I find it harder on the wrists than the arse, but I have a 500 which has a broader seat. 250's tend to have narrower seats, which on a long ride can play havoc with ones ass. A shorter ride or 2 stops will sort that.
  18. It's not really my arse that was the problem, shoulders get sore, wrists/hands get tired, general fatigue...

    But it's all good, was a funtastic day out.
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  20. Good to meet every one on Sunday and have such a great time on the ride. Fantastic weather, those good karma vibes were obviously working.
    Most definately have to get another ride in before the cold weather gets here. Maybe down south or up to the blue mountains somewhere, anyone know any good ones?

    Hecko how did you get into the pictures? I selected Deenopix from the drop down list then put in the date of the ride for the pin but just kept being redirected to the login screen. (What formatt for the date did you use?)