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[SYD] Report Sales/Clearances/Bargains

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Julien, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Hi guys

    I went to the Helmet Warehouse Clearance last week end and there was some fantastic deals. I only found out about it randomly by going on their website.

    When it comes to hunting for bargains, information is everything.

    I thought it could be good idea if we were to keep eachother informed of any sale/clearance/bargains on bike gear/accessories as we become aware of them by posting info on this thread.

    This thread is only for Sydney and surrounding suburbs.


  2. The 'sales-are-happening' underground works pretty well on Netrider; the Helmet Warehouse one WAS the subject of a thread in plenty of time for people to attend.....
  3. I may of mentioned it before, although not in a dedicated post.

    Funny thing was i went to buy a heap of stuff, didnt really find what i wanted (did buy a pair of gloves for 35 bucks though!).

    they had the jacket i wanted there, but wouldnt budge on price, ended up going from there to MCAS, then to action suzuki, and finally to bikebiz.

    ended up spending about $1100 that day. And that was just on a helmet, jacket and gloves! :shock:
  4. I went to the warehouse 'half a million dollar' sale. Most of it wasn't on sale, the stuff that was 'on sale', was often higher than RRP I've seen at other places. The brands were mostly rubbish and the range was terrible. Very annoyed that I travelled so far to check it out.
  5. Dont worry mate, i travelled the same distance to get there (northern snob as well). I was kinda dissapointed as well, but in saying that it also let me shop around.

    I was hoping that my jacket would be marked down ($699 retail), ended up buying it from bikebiz for $630.

    The only thing that may of drawn people to the sale would of been helmets. I think a lot of the agv's were marked down a fair bit, but i was after specific models that got 4* on the sharp website. So i was pretty much after the shark range. Got my RSI from action suzuki for $399 from $500.

    The jackets seemed to be marked down a tiny bit at T.H.W., but nothing to draw blood over. Im not complaining though. At the end of the day i got what i wanted, may not of all been from there, but i was a happy camper at the end of the day.
  6. A pretty piss poor effort for a sale. Wont take any notice of their adverts again.
  7. hornet: where is the thread or sub-forum for the sale-is-happening event?
    im waiting for mcas to have another biggish kinda sale to get a pair of alpinestars gloves
  8. but these replies were kinda recent so i thought it was less than a year old...

    ah ok... thats cool, i suppose i'll keep an eye out for any threads on sales here then
  9. a month ago: action motorcycles in the sydney city have shark RSI helmets $500 down to $300!