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[Syd] Regular coffee/meeting nite???

Discussion in 'NSW' started by rc36, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. OK, Sydneysiders, we have had two successful coffee nites, what about making it a regular nite, say once a month?
    Tuesdays or Wednesdays seem to be the best bet with a venue around the Homebush Bay area seeming to be favoured.
    Or, we could change it each time and shift it around to suit the locations from which we all come (that way it could be in Wollongong every once in a while and you guys could come to us!!!)
    I'd be happy with either arrangement, but we do need somewhere where we can all park together, as admiring the various bikes and line-shooting about them is an integral part of the fun of the nite.
    We had 11 people at Newtown a while ago, so there's plenty of interest there, so what about it??

  2. sounds like a great idea to me!

    Wednesday nights are good, is there going to be a ride incorporated with the coffee night??

    If it is going to be a small group, then maybe select a regular meeting point, then choose destination on the night...???

    It could be called" wednesday night mystery ride"..lol

  3. I'm in, I'm going to have a look around the Homebush Bay precinct tomorrow and find a place where we can park/eat/coffee.
    rc36 and myself come up from Wollongong, so we get a bit of a ride just to be there, but the idea of having a short ride before or after is a great addition to the night.
    Let's keep this fire burning
  4. There's a Pub called the brewery at homebush bay and there's also a mcdonalds right next door to the brewery. Theres also a hotel there too
  5. Count me,

    I can make any night except Tuesday or Thursday.

    And going for a bit of a ride sounds the goods. Will be fun to have a bit of a blast around syd area. The olympic area has some nice roads if i remember right.
  6. I will put my hand up as an attendee.
  7. I can't do wednesday's, and most thursday's a I do pub trivia. Will occasionaly come on wednesday's though, but rarely :(
  8. My sitch when it comes to coffe nights:

    Tuesdays or Wednesdays or Sunday afternoons would be best for me.

    I live in Hornsby and work in South Sydney. By five o'clock most afternoons I've already done about 3hrs in Sydney peak traffic, so I'm not usually up for another hour or two in the saddle. So that being said, I would personally prefer a roving coffee thing so that we can sometimes meet up close to home (my home that is...)

    To be honest, I'm not really into coffee. If I'm going to go out and have a drink with friends, it'll usually be at a pub, and I WON'T be riding there. So I prolly won't be coming to every coffe night anyway.

    Rides on the other hand are always a go. Did I tell you I can now do 90kph? Yay me.
  9. The feeling of knowing you are aloud to go the extra 10 KM/H is good.

    Gives you that little extra to play with.

    Now for a bigger bike to use with that extra speed.
  10. Gonna wait till I'm off my P's for that one. The girlfriend can't wait now. It's only 365 days till she can ride on the back with me, so I plan on getting a nice big bike for then. Then it's awaaaaay we go, touring here there and everywhere...
  11. Regular venue and date

    I have just talked to the manager of the Homebush Bay Brewery, in the ACOR Hotel in the olympic precinct.
    He's happy to accommodate us for a get together on a night, the place stays open till 10:30pm Mon - Wed and 11:00pm Thursday, there's a bistro for food, and if the numbers get up over 20, he can give us a speical menu at special prices, etc.
    There's plenty of space to park the bikes while we chat.
    He's emailing me details so I'll make them available when I get them.
    Not everyone is going to be able to be involved in these sorts of ventures, no matter when or where it is, but I think a regular night at a regular venue means that most of us can plan to be there.
    My 10c's worth, anyway
  12. Im up for a coffee night, same as petethefreak i dont do coffee, unlike pete, i do and can enjoy a beer or 2.

    im also from hornsby area and work there as well, but anywhere and pretty much anytime is good for me.

    o and bit of a hooraah for pete on his p's
  13. Hey, just because the place serves coffee, doesn't mean ya gotta drink it!
    And, for those of the alcohol-fueled endeavours, just because the Homebush Bay Brewery serves beer, doesn't mean ya gotta drink it, (specially if you are riding!)
  14. Sounds good hornet.

    I vote monday through thursday
  15. DEF count me in! The brewery is a great venue (we had xmas party there last year for work) and i have been there couple times befor that.. can we be quick enough to organise one for this wednesday?
  16. This Wednesday is OK for me, rc36 has the lurgie, but i'll bet he'll drag himself off his deathbed to go, and the mighty hornet has a new battery, so I won't be standing on the side of the road at 11:00pm wondering what to do next. Let's do it, ok folks?
  17. Wow Syd is going to get a reputation for things happening quickly if we keep organising the wed meet up on the monday before.

    I am up for it one last ride before the steering head bearings come out and i try my hand at being mechanic mick 8) .
  18. sounds good to me.. ill PM flashfire to make sure she knows.. maybe someone should pm everyone that went to the newtown meet (i dont know who coz i wasnt there)
  19. At the Homebush pub?
  20. yeah does eveyone know how to get there?