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[Syd/Qld] Overnight ride. September 4th and 5th ! CANCELLED

Discussion in 'VIC' started by hornet, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Following the success of the Merimbula Ride, let's have another overnighter, this time to the north. Sydney riders and anyone from all points north welcome!
    First weekend of September (4th - 5th)
    Either Tamworth or Port Macquarie
    Maybe if someone knows a bike dealer or has a relative in either one of the areas might be able to advise as to caravan parks, good rides, etc in the area.
    {This was posted before but for some reason the post was deleted, so I'm trying again}

  2. Sounds OK to me as long as the Oxley Highway forms part of the itinerary.
  3. I'm listening...........
  4. Matt, tell me what you want to hear and I'll try and oblige; surely you're not going to do an overnighter from Melbourne to Tamworth?
  5. i wouldnt put it past him :wink:
  6. We're pretty tough down south :p . There's every chance there'll be a 900SS and an R6 heading up that way if this goes ahead. Isn't Tamworth kinda the middle of nowhere? I think the guys from OSB went to Port for their Annual Gathering and had a ball....

    :D :D :D
  7. i have family in port, nice little town, even has a nudist beach (perfect for the victorians this time of year). there is an ok motel in the nearby town of wauchope (right near timber town) but they may not like a heap of noisy bikes coming in. heaps of accom options (http://www.travelaustralia.com.au/accommodation/port_macquarie.html)

    you could also head out through wauchope, follow the river and up the mountain then come back down through tamworth etc. nice sweepers along the valley and then tighter up the mountain. There's a nice pub along the river, very dodgy, but is a known haunt of the band of feral separatist dykes who have a comune up in the hills somewhere (i'll find a map if you want, the pub not the dykes). usually a few sports bikes parked out front on sunny weekends.

    you could also do the dorrigo route, very nice campsite nearby called platypus flat, and fantastic roads all over the place.

    forgot to mention, for the wine lovers don't forget to check out casagrains, on the highway near the turnoff to port closest to brisbane, and the bago winery inland a bit.
  8. roundabout wrote
    :shock: I'm there 8)
  9. the oxley!!! thats a 2000km ride. Just a little tip to the shops....
  10. It's a long trip for us NSW'ers, a feat of real endurance for any Victorian members to do that in a weekend I would have thought.

    That's not to say that there wouldn't be plenty who would try, but I wouldn't like to be them trying to front for work on Monday morning.

    I think that that ride would be better attempted in a longer time frame, 3 or 4 days, or even a long weekend, like October, for example. Even then it would be a BIG ride.

  11. An eminently sensible suggestion.
  12. Matt and I are 100% in... We can leave friday after work and trailer the bikes up and then ride sat and sunday and just take monday off....

    PERFECT... We are 100% in
  13. The blade and I quite enjoyed streching our legs....and set a new personal benchmark for distance riding......may as well keep the trend going and yer it would probably have to be more than an overnighter for us down south.
  14. it makes you wonder how they would go on a 3000km weekend does'nt it
  15. Matt, seriously, better to trailer it up.... One tank of gas each way, no bneed to stop... listen to music and relax on the way up..

    That way we dont wreck the tyres........ I used to trailer the race bikes up every second weekend to either Sydney or Brisbane.... Best way to go.
  16. Tamworth or Port Macquarie (or Lismore or Armidale) I'm in!
  17. Re: [Syd] Overnight ride. September 4th and 5th

    https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=add :wink:
  18. Re: [Syd] Overnight ride. September 4th and 5th

    Thanks, mate, I've entered the details as requested
    Paul Hall
    (0413) 055 088