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[SYD] Pyrmont Bridge Display, Sat Oct 22nd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by josh909, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. From http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/a/100.html

    Here is our opportunity as motorcyclists to show that we are a very diverse group that shares a common interest - we all want a safer and fairer system for motorbikes. We want to educate the public about who we are and what we do.

    Think smart and ride smart! Join a club today! We are deeply concerned about our own safety and that of other riders; we want motorcyclists to receive their fair share of funding towards safety campaigns. We know how to have fun and be safe at the same time.

    This year we aim to have more motorcyclists than ever on the bridge. A key focus of the display will be safety messages. We challenge each club to put together the most innovative display for safety and the key issues that affect us all. There will be prizes for the best display in this regard.

    * Best presented message (clearest)
    * Most impressive message (eye catching)
    * Most interactive message (involved)

    As usual there will be prizes for the show and shine and we are also raffling a REMUS exhaust can.

    Show & Shine Categories

    There will be awards for:

    * Best custom bike - Harley & Cruisers
    * Best custom bike - Sports bike
    * Best custom bike - Naked bike
    * Rat bike - Harley & Cruisers
    * Rat bike - Sports bike
    * Rat bike - Naked bike

    So get ready, shine them up and start your engines! October 22nd is going to be a great day and a perfect opportunity to show off your ride!