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[SYD] Put deposit on bike, need newbie help/suggestions!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by pOint_01, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. As above, i have put a deposit on my first bike, CBR250RR (sorry for choosing this bike...most people hate it...esp a Learner) but have this situation.

    Ive never owned a bike before so mechanically i would know nothing about bikes...

    have agreed with the current owner that he gives me a 2 week "cool off" period in which i can go and get the bike checked out...

    the history of the bike is a bit grey...he said it was serviced before he purchased the bike from the previous owner but has not been done since....which is 1 year ago but he says he has only ridden it a few times and has changed the engine oil a few times too....hmmm...

    looking at the bike with my limited knowledge....the brake discs seem okay...no lip on discs....tyres have good tread....bike and forks look straight....chain seems a little bit loose...chain needs lubing i think....rear sprocket looks okay....coolant and oil probably need to be changed....

    now, im not sure what else needs to be checked and changed but im scared of the extra costs involved....i would really like a professional opinion and inspection but again...extra costs!!!

    is there any mechanic in Sydney that someone could suggest for these services that wont cost an arm and leg? I would prefer an honest and trustworthy mechanic that can give me a quote! :)

    thanx in advance!

    - Mike.
  2. Gday Mike , where abouts in sydney are you?.
  3. in im the CBD...im hoping there is one close by! :)
  4. in im the CBD...im hoping there is one close by! :)
  5. If you give your suburb and where the bike is, perhaps a veteran netrider in the area can inspect the bike with you.

    Might not spot minor issues that a bike mechanic could, but they'd spot the deal breakers and you wouldn't be up for the cost of a mechanics time.

  6. im in Sydney CBD and so is the bike. I have 2 weeks to get it checked out....been told to see Lloyd Penn Motorcycles in Artamon so ill go there when i get a chance!
  7. This is one i learn't the hard way but check the age of the tyres. They should be less than 3 years old once they have been used. There should be a 4 digit code on one side of the tyre that is inside a little raised box, the last two digits are what year it was made in and the first two are the week of the year. So 0804 would be the 8th week of 2004. Figured it might be something important especially if it hasn't been used much for a whole year.
  8. I'm in the city 3 days a week, happy to help you inspect it and test ride and give you analysis of the good the bad and the ugly so you know what you're buying and can use comments to barter price down.
  9. thanx guys! the bike turned out to be perfectly fine and i got a great price!
  10. how much? and how does she ride?
  11. Congrats, they are one of the most fun learner bikes IMO :D
  12. i wont say the price but she rides great! cant be happier!
  13. thanx mate....i have to agree with you about fun....and also scary!
  14. Good work !!

    The little cibbies are great bikes to start on, they really teach you how to ride :LOL: