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[SYD] P's St Ives Friday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by matressking, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Anyone doing their P's test in St Ives on Friday?
    Other than me I mean!

    Should soon be ditching the yellowness!
  2. Nope. Take the opportunity to ride down mc carrs ck rd its good fun :)
  3. i had no idea st ives was so close to there. just looked it up and its only a 30 min ride from my gf's place in harbord to there.

  4. I'm free friday arvo :D What time does it finish, I'd be up for a blast down there.
  5. yea mate! i could definitely do with a ride with someone experienced! it's finished at 4:30 or thereabouts. will give you a PM tomo once i make sure.
  6. The weather might not be so great on Friday. If you trust smh.com.au, that is.
  7. Get in!
    Passed it with only a point or 2 from the U turn.

    Got SOAKED though.

    2 guys failed on the cone weave. 1 dropped the bike and the other was on a scooter and a cone got stuck underneath and he put his feet down a few times. Both immediate fails.

    Going to get my Ps at lunch!
  8. Congrats!!!

    I did my Ps at St. Ives. Great place.
  9. Congrats. Yeah st ives has pretty good instructors
  10. What exactly is involved in the P's test? A long ass ride with an instructor followed by a marked test in a carpark? Do you get marked at all during the on rode ride?

    How tight a u turn do you need to do? I suck at them :(
  11. Search to find out, a zillion posts.

    In summary, you have to ride over a very narrow plank, and there are crocs underneath the plank, waiting for you to fall.
  12. hehe sounds fun. Alright Ill do a search.
  13. where were you phizog?!?!?!?

    Mate, if the clouds had magically burnt off and the sun started splitting the stones at 4:30 i was going straight home for a hot shower anyway!

    let me know if you wanna head up there some other time
  14. I was at home, cleaning my bike after riding it a few kms in the rain to get it rego'd :D

    I went up there on sunday though, first time on the blade. Conclusion? Its not the place for big cc bikes, so much easier on my 650 - although I'm not used to the blade yet.

    I go up there every weekend.
  15. cool.

    just as a conclusion i just went and got my Ps, last thing to do is to rip off my Ls at home time.

  16. Applying for the Volunteer Coast Guard stationed at Cottage Point is very tempting, just for that piece of tarmac.
  17. Congrats :D 12 months till unrestricted :)