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[SYD] Police Presence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Haggismaen, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Hey all Sydneysiders.

    Up in Sydney on paid holiday (you just have to love being a public servant) and itching to do some riding, most definitely the Old Pacific.

    Just wondering if anyone knows what the police presence is like on the main runs (Old Pac, RNP). Don't see much point in riding the Old Pacific if it is crawling with police.

    I'm sorry but I think the universe would cease to exist if anyone actually did the 60km/h limit up there.

  2. Last time i did it was crawling with the poh-leese. And shithouse car drivers playing Colin McRae

    There's some other nicer, tighter, but shorter runs around that will keep you busy without a cop around each bend.

  3. My thoughts exactly. A 70kph tourist road is not one of my favourites. Head for the Putty Rd and either do all of it, or go to Colo Heights and back a few times.
  4. Been through the RNP last two days running, haven't seen one.
  5. The first part to Brooklyn Bridge is 80, not a bad run downhill for a reccy and then fly back up the hill and whatever you're game enough to do.

    The second part is not much fun at 60kmh - I try and do the complete run sitting on say 70, and don't touch the brakes. Good training for entering and exiting corners. Then onto the Peats Ridge Rd, and down to Wollombi.

    Have done the run around a dozen times this year, and all mid-week, and yet to see a copper.
  6. lol @ Kier pretending he's going to speed ;) :grin: