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(Syd) Plan to make cyclists pay third party

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by grange, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Part of the transport plan by a lord mayor candidate for the City Of Sydney local elections.

    The plan also seeks to introduce bicycle registration for all riders who ride in the Sydney local government area to be linked to a third party insurance programme ``to protect pedestrians, motorists and other forms of transport''.

    "This will be required by all except children under 13 years old. Parents will be encouraged not to allow children under 13 to ride on main artery roads,'' the Living Sydney plan said.

    It also promises to work with NSW Police and Roads and Maritime to introduce a set of cycling rules for cyclists riding on city artery roads and a system of fines for breaches.

    "The current council has disconnected and angered the public when it comes to dealing with transport in the city because of its mess of cycle ways, road closures and removal of parking,'' Ms Vithoulkas said.

    "Pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, taxis, ambulances and emergency vehicles alike are all struggling with the problem.''

    She said she would immediately arrange an independent Citizens Jury to determine the future of Sydney's bike paths and promised to abide by the outcome.


    Good plan or not??

  2. Doesn't matter whether it is or not, Clover Moore has the list of eligible voters so well controlled that the election is a non-event anyway.....
  3. More rules yay!!!!!!!!!! Make cyclists like cars yay that will make everyone happy! What a great idea! Wow I am so pleased! I can't wait to have even less freedom! **** that shit!
  4. Oh for feks sake, I ride my bicycle on cycle paths once a month or so and completely avoid cars. Seriously they are going to force me to take out insurance to cover the nutters.

    Well it is in the terrorgraph so I wouldn't count on it being that accurate.
  5. Sounds like a load of impossible to implement bollocks to me.
  6. Can the lord mayor really do half the things she's proposing? I would have thought only the state government could introduce such major changes to road regulations.

    As for bicycle registration, anyone who thinks that is a good idea hasn't spent five minutes considering the issue.

    Vehicle registration is tied to the vehicle via a compliance plate. How are you going to permanently affix a compliance plate to a carbon fibre bicycle frame? Who is going to do this? At what cost?

    "introduce a set of cycling rules for cyclists riding on city artery roads and a system of fines for breaches" - This already exists, it's called the road rules.
  7. My mother was walking on a standard pedestian path and was knocked down from behind by 2 16yr old cyclists at a speed of approximately 25-30 kmph

    They went straight over the top of her and as a woman who was 50 years old at the time it caused her extensive soft tissue damage and trauma to the point she lost the ability to control her right arm to a level needed to continue her work as a right hand chef handleing knives etc

    The cyclists had no insurance and neither did their family - they also have no assests and neither do their families

    There was no recourse to the law for compensation for her injuries

    I for one welcome the mandatory third part injury insurance of cyclists
  8. Its called a tamper proof sticker
  9. oh ok, I guess it would work then.

    Insurance might be a good idea if it's not prohibitively priced, if the scam that is CTP greenslips can be avoided, it would be better for individuals to hold insurance, and that to cover any bike they ride, than to register individual bikes.
  10. Two words.



  11. Next step - rollerskate rego.......

    WITH yearly RWC required.
  12. Don't know if they would actually enforce the fines but I 100% support the idea. I'm sick of those dam cyclists running red lights...
  13. Well, let's see, we have rego for cars but that doesn't seem to stop drivers from running red lights. Ditto for motorcyclists.

    So how is rego for bicycles going to stop cyclists from running red lights?
  14. I am soooo glad I left that State.