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[syd] place to service/repairs

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by kungfupigeon, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, did a look around the forums and it's mostly vic people talking about their repairs, just wondering what are some of the reputable service places you guys would recommend at sydney?

    I just want an idea of the labour cost, whether they've been dishonest or not and generally your thoughts, opinions and experiences of places you've been to. Thanks.
  2. Flywheels in Alexandria - great but pricey.

    Sydney City in... Hornsby...? The one up north - OK, but a big shop and a bit impersonal.

    For a start...
  3. Kungfupigeon do you have any comments about a good place to get your bike serviced in Sydney? I'm looking for a new mechanic after being taken for a ride by my last one who I almost lost my leg to.

    I'm new to riding and my chain broke while crossing the harbour bridge only a week after I forked over $600 on a service. Any recommendations for someone close to the city would be great.
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  5. Lloyd Penn at Artarmon is well regarded by most.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys. And j3st3r for your recommendation. I'll give those guys a call and see how it goes.

    I also just found this morning that someone tried to steal my bike last night (while it was parked in Camperdown, near the Deus store). The lock had the rather obvious telltale signs of being forced with a screw driver. Luckily it didn't work. Another happy Honda owner!
  7. I meant to follow up and report back about my experience at Lloyd's. I've only got good things to say. The provided a quote up front, answered my dumb newbie questions without condescending signs or comments, told me what needed to by done and why and what would need to be done in the future.
    The best part was when I jumped back on the bike and it rode so much better than it ever had previously. Smooth and responsive! Great work and I'll be using them again.
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  9. website says..

    Simon Thomas,a qualified motorcycle mechanic, started his career with the Peter Jackson Yamaha Superbike team, servicing stars like Troy Corser, Shawn Giles, Michael Dowson, Scott Doohan.
    Yamaha Motor Company secured Simons services to become the training manager for motorcycle technicians across the Australasian region a role he held for almost 18 years.

    ive seen many bikes in there so they must be doing something right, dont know about price though
  10. scotts down shire way is honest and no frills. Flywheels is brilliant but pricy. procycles used to be well regarded, but ive heard bad feedback of late. and sydney shitty isnt dubbed that without reason. ive had good dealings with loyd penn, but apparently there is a massive back log of work at the moment.
  11. Cost ... mostly around $100 per hour. Range is $70 to $110

    Minor Service ... $200 ish

    Major Service ... $400 ish

    Out of all the mechanics I've tried, I can recommend two:
    (1) Motorcycle Accessories Warehouse, Colin is a good guy and does good work.
    (2) Balmain Bob ... Was good but seems to be retired now.

    Bob and Colin are old school and charge reasonable rates.

    Having said that, I've had enough bad experiences and been ripped off enough times that I now do my own servicing and have never been happier !!

    Wherever you go, try not to get any apprentices touching your bike. Whenever I've had the worst experiences it has been at the hands of an apprentice. It's probably not the apprentices fault. Most workshops don't spend enough time showing them what to do, or checking their work. But the bloody workshop still charge them out at premium rates ..
  12. +1...
  13. I rang a couple of reputable workshops this morning to get a quote on a 24k major service for a 2005 GS500. One quoted ~$900, & the other, Lloyd Penn Artarmon, quoted ~$450. Although Artarmon isn't that close to me, looks like I've found where I'll be taking my bike. Their reputation & cost competitiveness sound the goods.