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[SYD] Parking ticket in CBD

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Julien, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    I commute to Circular Quay everyday and bloody hard to find a park. The motorcycles dedicated parking areas are always full. So, yesterday, I had to park on a "normal" car space on Maquarie Street and, oh surprise, when I came back: parking ticket - reason? "parked for longer than allowed by ticket signs".

    I know we don't have to pay when parking in the CBD but we can still get booked for prolonged parking in the same spot... Lesson learnt. Pissed off though - wish we could park on the pavement like in VIC...

    Does anyone know of any way to dispute my parking ticket?


  2. Free parking doesn't mean unlimited parking. Sorry but I don't think there's anything that you can do to contest this.
  3. Yeah i don't know anything you can do to contest it either but as a general caution I have noticed quite a lot more tickets on bikes around the city. Even those just a few inches of not being totally within the marked bike areas are being booked.
  4. It does clearly state on the parking ticket machines that riders are not required to purchase or display a ticket but must abide by the posted time limits...
  5. Ouch, you can't park on the pavement in NSW? That's been one of the biggest appeals for me in moving from a cage to 2-wheels.
  6. The majority of our footpaths the CBD areas are about 30 centimetres wide; dramatically narrower than the 40 metre wide footpaths of Melbourne streets. And even on weekends they're packed shoulder-to-shoulder with a sea of pedestrians.

    'tis frustrating.

    Some of the open paved areas have been designated as motorcycle parking spots, but as others have noted, they tend to fill up really really quickly on weekdays.

    Edit: It's not all bad here, though. We get to use the dedicated Bus Lanes statewide, which is something Victorians don't get (probably because they have next to no busses), among other things.
  7. There are always plenty of motorcycles/scooters parked on the pavement on Maquarie street just after the tunnel under the Cahill Expressway, on the left side when going towards the Opera House. It doesn't look like it's a motorcycles only parking area though...

    Anyone know anything about that?
  8. I think that's a bit of a "large open footpath with heaps of room that no one ever really walks on" and the city rangers have just been told to turn a blind eye to it...
  9. I hate parking where there's lots of bikes, it's just asking for scatches and i hate parking with cars, it's just asking to get the bike knocked over. So i'm stuffed either way hence why i sneak into little quiet areas where i don't get bothered. :LOL:
  10. someone mentioned a while back that all the bikes under the expressway had been ticketed so 'technically' i don't think it's legal
  11. Just cant win, can you.
  12. This is just ridiculous! The Sydney City Council has obviously publicly committed itself to making more permanent parkings spaces available for motorcycles. There is a area for parking motorcycles on Bridge street in front of the AMP Centre [Syd]. Very convenient for people who work in the area. A few weeks ago, they've changed the parking rule for that area and now it is "no stopping between 3 pm and 6 pm"! If you forget to move your bike before 3 pm (good luck to find another park at that time of the day), its a $180 parking ticket!! Got caught a couple of times, it hurts. Everyday, there are 3 or 4 bikes/scooters that get caught. What a reliable source of revenue for the Council. I am so mad... :twisted:
  13. I'll have to disagree with junglist...free parking for bikes in CBD Sydney means just that if there are no times on the post it means all day 24/7 365 days free. I work in Surry hills and there is a space on the corner of Hunt and Wentworth/Elizabeth with about 20 spaces for bikes.
    I'm usually first or second rider there so I park my bike parallel to the post so that others can start parking next to mine.
    Few weeks ago going home a bike had parked next to me on the other side of the post which made him outside the legal area poor bugger had a ticket under his seat.
    The other place I know of is corner of Castlereigh st right in front of the federal police all day free but only holds about 6 bikes.
    Hope this helps plus you can ring them and find out other spots.
    Clover Moore may be a dog collar wearing dyke but god love her :grin:
  14. here in adelaide we have free bike parking, but there isnt much
    alot of people end up parking/squeezing in between cars or other bikes

    im lucky tho, 1 of my chick mates is a parking inspector so i get told what area she patrols each day (as its always diff) n go park there for free :>

    be friendly to the inspectors, you never know what will eventuate :)
  15. what do we disagree about?

    what i was referring to was that you can park for free provided you stick to the specified time limit (eg: 1Hr for a P1 zone).

    you won't find many parking zones with a ticket machine and no time limit. if theres no ticket machine and its a valid parking area (not a clearway, no stopping, no parking, etc) then its free parking no matter what vehicle.

    i'm not sure if any of the specific motorcycle parking areas are time limited.
  16. junglist wrote
    Free parking doesn't mean unlimited parking. Sorry but I don't think there's anything that you can do to contest this.

    Didn't mean any intent mate.
    Free parking does mean just that. If there are no times on the post it means just just. You can park 24/7 365 days non stop if you wanted.
    I've checked with the rangers and city council.
    So free parking does mean unlimited.
  17. pay the fine please and move on. there is nothing you can do.

  18. The ticket received by the OP was for parking longer than allowed!

    You're talking about something completely different to what the OP and my initial response were directed.

    (sorry oldbell ;) )
  19. I agree I was caught yesterday! My fine is for $197!!!!
    Whats the point of having any parking there when council knows very well that we all work till long after 3pm and its not like they open up other parkings for us (like loading zones etc) so where do they expect us to go to.
    I am actually borrowing a bike to test out the experience of coming into the city, before buying, because the ferry tickets are going up on the 18th, but after this expereience its still cheaper and more convenient to ferry to work!!!!
    Has anyone else been caught and tried to fight it or is it not worth the effort???
  20. Ive tried aplenty.... but they ONLY look at the offence, not the excuse for it!!
    They wont back down get your money!

    I had a mate who's car wouldnt start once, so he left a message on the window stating he is making arrangments for a tow truck ... guess what... Still got a Ticket!!
    He was standing right next to him as he slipped it under the wiper, the inspector saying he will have to sort it out in court, but the infringement stands.

    He sent a letter explaining the circumstance, with a reply stating that his case had been examined but found to still be liable to pay the fine.
    They even asked if he wanted a photo to prove it was his vehicle at that location and time!! WTF?????