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[SYD] Old Pacific Hwy on the 7 news

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by goz, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. #1 goz, Apr 10, 2009
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    Seven News reporter Sarah Cummings reporting on how recent repairs to the Old Pacific Highway north of Sydney are a danger to motorcyclists.

    this was added June 15, 2008 and nothing has been done about it

    I havnt seen this before, just found it on youtube, so this is for the people that havnt seen it..

    Also i can vouch for that crap on the road, i went a few weeks ago and they havnt fixed shit as i slid on on that crap and nearly sent me into the wall

  2. Has scared the shite out of me a number of times in dry weather, those tar snakes are nasty.
  3. my little 16" front wheel HATES those snakes; I hold my breath when I ride through that section

    with reference to fixing it, however, I would not be holding my breath. It's probably NOT being repaired to discourage motorcyclists from using the road at all.....
  4. you would think for that reason they wouldnt bother resurfacing the natio between garie and waterfall :wink: :LOL:

    Especially that first left hander coming down from garie :evil:
  5. I also squeez my butt cheeks together real hard

    For some reason those lines seem to run directly on my path through the corners.
  6. They have fixed up the worst sections, eg. up near PITS where there are actually cracks in the road. That left hander heading north two corners after PITRS used to be rather dodgy and it would be easy to be caught off guard if you didn't know about it - but its been fixed now.

    However the issue of tar snakes is still there for the most part. With all the road works being done on seemingly every other random sideroad, you'd think they'd spend a bit of $ fixing up a fairly decently trafficked road, especially with the crash rate.
  7. What's the Old Pacific Hwy?
  8. but.. with the contra flow system they should do all they can for when the F3 goes awol..
  9. They've been arguing the toss over who pays for the required fix up's since the year the truck took a liking to the armco at the weigh station. What with state, local, and federal refusing to anti up for the old road for nigh on 3 years now it's no wonder that Gosford council does such a shit job at fixing it. I was riding it weekly at one stage till I got sick and tired of finding new potholes all the time, especially as the older ones were still there from 1946.

    How many times does the only road north (F3) have to be shut for either a natural disaster or yet another friggin multi-vehicle accident before someone gets it in their head to fix the old road properly ? Bikes and this place are always going to be related so if that's the issue it's pretty thin, methinks it's more about dollars and blame and who pays for what.
  10. bang on mate.. living at the end of this road my whole life i can tell you that the government based sh!tfights that exist are why the repairs are crap and the hole was there for so long..its a who cares road but i guess as the inability of people to drive / rdie the F3 drops the view of the OPH might change..
  11. The snakes are ok in cooler weather but over 35c and watch out,my first experiance involved both ends going,scareed the crap out of me,we stoped at the bridge to check for under inflated tyres till we realised what it was,its a pain in the arse trying to miss them heading up to the Pie in the Sky,they seem to all end up right at he tip in point,miss the snake and also the apex.
  12. not to mention wet wigglies...
  13. I work hard to find the gaps but there's a couple of lines you have to cross. I'm sure they'll just soon reduce the speed limit on that section from 80 to 60.... for our safety.
  14. Excuse the megaquote, but yeh it will be pretty interesting as time goes on - even with the f3 upgrades, the traffic between newcastle and sydney is only to get worse and more often clogged up. Eventually alot of people might actually use OPH as a viable alternative..
  15. like when people used to drive it at 110kms or the excuses of people on the roads today ?