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[SYD] Nice empty carparks!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Nickyb88, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, I live in Newtown, Sydney and I've just gotten my L's...

    I'll be getting a bike soon, but with the busy traffic around this area I'm think I'd like to find some nice big empty carpark where I can go and practice everything.
    I've only just moved to Sydney so don't know anywhere!!!

  2. Possibly Olympic Park in Homebush, heaps of large empty carparks and some quiet roads.
  3. I have a problem here too, I'm in annandale and boxed in by pretty busy roads. The only carpark I can think of (Harold Park Raceway) has a gate on it most the time. I'll have to get used to changing gears on residential streets and chance parramatta rd I guess!
  4. From annandale you can get to leichhardt pool pretty easily and their carpark is ok but it depends a bit on the time of day you want to ride how empty the carpark is. Its not a huge carpark but its big enough to do circles and cone weaves around the parking spot lines. It also has some infrequently used roads coming off it leading down to a rowing club or another to montage restaurant. The restaurant also has a decent sized carpark. Its a stones throw from callan park too which might seem like a good spot to practise but the roads are in woeful condition in there unfortunately.
  5. Hi Nicky (and others in the inner west)

    There are some good places in the real industrial areas of Marrickville, just down the road from newtown, where you can spend the whole weekend with nobody else around (factories closed on weekends, some dead end streets)

    Don't remember the names of the streets offhand but if your interested let me know.
  6. Hey Robbie, I'd be interested :grin:

    Once I get my bike I'm going to go along to the learner nights on weds, but I still need somewhere to practice other times!!!
  7. Garden St, Marrickville is quite a wide street and a dead end, real good for all your slow stuff, u-turns and swerve.

    Just off Garden st there is a short circuit around Shirlow st, Saywell st, Sloane lane, Sydenham lane and then joins Shirlow St again, you can go around both ways so can practice left and right turns.

    The only downside is the most of the corners don't offer good visibility so take them easy (you don't have to stop just make sure you keep well left), I did have my wife stand on a corner though when I wanted to try to take them a bit faster. They were quiet enough that she never had to wave me or another motorist down, but just keep it in mind if you're worried about running wide.
  8. Marrickville metro on late sunday should do it, the carpark up the very top would be almost completely empty by then. Its a very big carpark for the amount of people who use it, so emptys pretty well.
  9. Enmore TAFE (Edgeware Rd at this time of year on the weekend (maybe during the week too) is empty and big enough to practice